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Academy Zoids is a line of Zoids, licensed by Tomy for release in Korea.

Academy Zoids.
Academy logo
Start Date 2001
End Date
Includes Zoids From Various
Regions Korea
Designation Various

Overview[edit | edit source]

Academy released a line of Zoids models which mirrored a number of Takara-Tomy kits from different periods. Although Academy has a presence in Europe and the United States, these Zoids were distributed only in Korea. The main difference from the Takara-Tomy Zoids lines was a language switch to Korean and the presence of the "Academy" logo, either printed or added as a sticker, on the boxes.

Because the Academy line Zoids were released after their Japanese counter-parts, the molds saw some degradation. Most notably, the Command Wolf frames and the legs of Shield/Blade Liger models made after 2012 suffered mold degradation to the point they could not be put together without modification.

Customize Part kits were included in the line. Academy would use these parts to make their own combination-sets such as Liger Zero + CAS units, Blade Liger + Attack Booster, and Gojulas + Cp-10. Fanbook EX pamphlets and other advertisements included with the Takara-Tomy kits were present in the line as well, re-printed with Korean text. Academy also made three unique posters of their own design and included them with a few of the larger Zoids kits.

Releases[edit | edit source]

2001:[edit | edit source]

Though not the first Korean Zoids line to be released, the Academy line started in 2001 with four Zoids.

At this point, only a sticker of the Academy logo was present to differentiate these from the NJR versions; the box and instruction texts were still in Japanese. These kits did not have the mold imperfections that were seen in the later Academy releases. These may have been leftover stock from Japan and Academy simply distributed them in Korea.

2002-2009:[edit | edit source]

Between the end of 2002 and 2009 the majority of Zoids seen in the NJR era were released by Academy, this time with Korean text in the manuals and boxes. The line had its own website, Zoidsclub.com during this period, which listed available models, information about the Anime of the time, Zoids TV commercials, general modeling tips and some background information about the Zoids themselves. Guylos and Helic had English titles displayed, erroneously translated as Gairos and Heric.

Zoids released:[edit | edit source]

  • Zoids Customise Parts: All Customize Parts sets from CP-01 through CP-21 excluding CP-16 the Zoids Controller. This would later be seen in the 2010 wave.
  • Liger Zero Schneider set (base Zoid + CP)
  • Liger Zero Jeager set (base Zoid + CP)
  • Liger Zero Panzer set (base Zoid + CP)

Notice the designation 028AB and the old Tomy logo

  • Blade Liger AB set. Given the special designation number of 028AB. This version had only the older Tomy logo.

[edit | edit source]

Starting 2010, Academy continued its line with Zoids from the Genesis and Blox series. This was the point where unique Zoid + CP combination sets were seen. Academy also changed the ZoidsClub to be a subsection of Academy.co.kr rather than its own separate website.

Though the company focused on the newer Blox and Genesis lines in 2010, it did not completely stop reproduction of kits previously released. For example, Liger Zero X was seen again despite having been in the original 2001 launch. These differed in that the 2010 Liger Zero X had flat red Liger Zero Empire parts, severe marbling in the silver and Korean texts while the 2001 version was nearly identical to the NJR. Another example includes the Academy Command Wolf AC; first seen in the 2002 wave, it was released multiple times over the years. By 2015 the mold was so overused that the latest release had parts "bleeding" excess plastic into the sprues and had a mold so degraded that it could not be put together.

Zoids Released:

  • Deadborder
  • Blade Liger AB set. Given the special designation number of 028AB. This was the second time this combination kit was released, this time with the Takara-Tomy logo in blue.
  • Blade Liger BE or "Black Edition" This Featured different colors on the box art, but was identicle to the Fuzors "Black Impact" release.

Newer Version

Some boxes of the Academy Genesis varied in colour from the Japanese versions.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Academy Zoids television commercials released between 2002 and 2009 were same as the Tomy commercials, on translated into Korean. However, in 2010, unique commercials were aired, parts of which were edited into the video seen on the current Academy ZoidsClub page.
  • Deadborder is the only Academy Zoid from the OJR era. Its mold is the same as the Toy Dream Project version.
  • If treated as a singular line, this is the longest running Zoids toy series in history.
  • Just as there are bootlegs of standard Takara-Tomy Zoids, there are counterfeits of Academy Zoids too. These are rarely seen outside Korea.
  • A Red Blade Liger was once seen on the older ZoidsClub.com website. It was never released.

Links[edit | edit source]

http://www.academy.co.kr/zoidsclub/ Current (2010 version) Academy ZoidsClub page.

http://web.archive.org/web/20021124130859/http://www.zoidsclub.com/ Old ZoidsClub website accessible through Internet Archive only.

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