Aldridge (Zoids)
Appearances Zoids: Wild ZERO
Debut Episode 3
Affiliation Empire
Primary Zoids Stylaser
Fang Tiger Kai
Japanese Name アルドリッジ 役
Voice Actors 三木眞一郎


Aldridge is the primary villain of Zoids: Wild ZERO. He first appears at the end of episode 3, but makes his main debut in episode 4 where he attacks a Republican research facility that were digging up ruins. He initially pilots the Stylaser, and proves to be a powerful enemy in that initial encounter.

Aldridge gains a much more prominent role at the end of episode 11. Initially Giller is intended to pilot the Genospino for the Empire, under the command of Brigadier General Collins. However, Collins falls ill and his responsibilities are handed over to Brigadier General Shigaru. Shigaru replaces Giller with Aldrige as the Genospino's pilot. As such, from episode 12 Aldrige is the main pilot of Genospino.


Ability as a Zoid pilotEdit

Aldrige is a powerful opponent, seen besting Lieutenant Colonel Dias from the Republic.

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