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Zoids: Chaotic Century[]

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Chronologically, this was the first Zoids anime series to be produced. In America, it was the second anime series to receive an English dub, after New Century, but was released in its original order in other countries. It follows Van Flyheight as he travels across Planet Zi in search of the Zoid Eve with his Organoid, Zeke, a strange girl he found, Fiona, and his Zoid, the Shield Liger. As he travels, he becomes involved in the ongoing war between the Helic Republic and Guylos Empire. On this wiki, Chaotic Century is used to refer to the first 34 episodes of the series, while Guardian Force is used to refer to episodes 35 onward.

Zoids: Guardian Force[]

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For ease of navigation, this wiki separates the second half of Chaotic Century into its own segment called Guardian Force. Guardian Force picks up after a two year time skip from the events in the first half of Chaotic Century. The plot revolves around Van, now a military pilot, and his work with the Guardian force, an elite team comprised of both Republican and Imperial soldiers, dedicated to maintaining cross-country peace.

Zoids: New Century[]

Main article: Zoids: New Century

The second anime series to be produced, Zoids: New Century was the first anime series to receive an English dub. It follows Bit Cloud and his Liger Zero, as he participates in Zoid Battles with the Blitz team. This series revolves around local battles-usually held recreationally, and has only minor references to the previous series. There is no overarching environment of war, and the antagonists are instead part of an illicit Zoid Battlegroup known as the Backdraft Organization.

Zoids: Fuzors[]

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The third anime series, Fuzors was cancelled before it finished airing in America, but was still dubbed into English, and was shown in full in other countries. It revolves around RD and his Liger Zero, and featured many Fuzor Zoids. Notably, the animation used to depict Zoids in Fuzors is remarkably different from the previous series.

Zoids: Genesis[]

Main article: Zoids: Genesis

The fourth anime series, Genesis has not received an English dub. It revolves around Ruuji Familon and his Murasame Liger. This series is noteworthy for the incredible change in environment from the previous series. It maintains a similar animation style to the one used in Fuzors, but is most notable for the new type of Zoid featured- the Bio Zoids.

Zoids: Wild[]

Main article: Zoids: Wild

Announced on February 27, 2018, Zoids Wild is a major reboot of the franchise over a decade since the release of Genesis. It follows Arashi and the Wild Liger as they seek to find the Great Ancient Treasure Z.

Zoids: Wild ZERO[]

Main article: Zoids: Wild ZERO

Zoids Wild ZERO follows Leo Conrad and the Beast Liger. Despite the similar name, Zoids: Wild ZERO is largely unrelated to Zoids: Wild. It follows Leo on his journey with Sally Land, as they try and find her grandfather, and unlock the mystery of her pendant. It first aired on the 4th of October 2019 in Japan.

Zoids: Wild Senki[]

Main article: Zoids: Wild Senki

An online mini-series, a spinoff to Zoids: Wild ZERO.


Chaotic Century[]

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Guardian Force Characters[]

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New Century[]

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Wild ZERO[]

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