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Attack Zoids
Attack Zoids logo.
Start Date 1987
End Date
Includes Zoids From N/A
Regions Japan
Designation RAZ, EAZ

The Attack Zoids line is a set of miniature Zoids. Two 'generations' of Attack Zoids were released as model kits, with four Republican Zoids and four Imperial Zoids included in each generation.


The Attack Zoids are sixteen small-scale Zoids that belong to either the Helic Republic or the Guylos Empire. The model kits for these Zoids are very simple in design, and have seen several releases. Originally, these model kits were included with sweets in Japan.



1st generation Helic Republic[]

  • Shotodile (ショットダイル) - Length: 4.3m Height: 3.1m Weight: 3.2t Maximum Speed: 210km/h (130 mph)
  • Seabatoras (シーバトラス) - Length: 4.5m Height: 0.9m Weight: 4.9t Maximum Speed: 750km/h (466 mph)
  • Kamakira (カマキラー) - Length: 4.3m Height: 2.8m Weight: 3.0t Maximum Speed: 150km/h (93 mph)
  • Kyanossa (キャノッサ) - Length: 3.9m Height: 5.8m Weight: 1.4t Maximum Speed: Mach 1.5 (1853km/h) or (1151 mph)

1st generation Guylos Empire[]

  • Silverkong (シルバーコング) - Length: 2.6m Height: 2.4m Weight: 4.4t Maximum Speed: 100km/h (62 mph)
  • Goliath (ゴリアテ) - Length: 3.1m Height: 2.9m Weight: 5.0t Maximum Speed: 120km/h (74 mph)
  • Grappler (グラップラー) - Length: 5.8m Height: 1.6m Weight: 3.4t Maximum Speed: 110km/h (68 mph)
  • Beeshooter (ビーシューター) - Length: 4.5m Height: 1.8m Weight: 2.8t Maximum Speed: Mach 1.9 (2347 km/h) or (1458 mph)

2nd generation Helic Republic[]

  • Hyperscissors (ハイパーシザース) - Length: 5.8m Height: 1.0m Weight: 3.8t Maximum Speed: 90km/h (55 mph)
  • Crosswinger (クロスウィング) - Length: 5.9m Height: 1.5m Weight: 2.5t Maximum Speed: Mach 0.9 (1112 km/h) or (690 mph)
  • Waterspider (ウォータースパイダー) - Length: 5.3m Height: 1.9m Weight: 2.7t Maximum Speed: 600km/h (372 mph)
  • Saradin (サラディン) - Length: 5.5m Height: 1.8m Weight: 6.5t Maximum Speed: 120km/h (74 mph)

2nd generation Guylos Empire[]

  • Crablaster (クラブラスター) - Length: 2.8m Height: 3.0m Weight: 3.8t Maximum Speed: 100km/h (62 mph)
  • Dambuster (ダムバスター) - Length: 2.9m Height: 2.9m Weight: 3.0t Maximum Speed: Mach 0.8 (988km/h) or (613 mph)
  • Helldiver (ヘルダイバー) - Length: 6.6m Height: 2.0m Weight: 2.9t Maximum Speed: 80 Knots (148km/h) or (91 mph)
  • Grandmolar (グランドモーラー) - Length: 4.6m Height: 1.4m Weight: 6.8t Maximum Speed: 90km/h or 55 mph (in soil: 40km/h or 24 mph)