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The Backdraft Organization (also known as Backdraft group) are an illicit organization that rule unsanctioned battles. They are ruled by the mysterious "committee of seven", with a Count residing over the committee. They oppose the Zoid Battle Commission, and use their own Judges, called Dark Judges, to hijack legal fights.

They win over competitors by offering very large prize money, usually measured in multiples of regular prize money (that would be given from fighting in a sanctioned battle). However, in return, participants that lose must forfeit all their Zoids to the Backdraft. Teams that do not participate in battles are often attacked anyway, to show that the Backdraft always get their way.

The Backdraft was disbanded at the end of New Century.

According the the New Century DVD special features:

"Little is known about the Backdraft except they are in opposition to the Zoid Battle Commission and seek to destroy them whenever they get the chance. Overseen by a committee of seven mysterious members and chaired by "The Count" they illegally interrupt matches and challenge a team to an unauthorised battle. The challenged team has little choice but accepting the challenge with promises of an enormous amount of prize money if you win. But if you lose, they will take all of your Zoids and leave you with nothing."

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