The Beith Republic (ビース, Bīsu) is a fictional nation from the Zoids universe, acting as the "Republic" faction for the Neoblox line.

Virtually nothing has been revealed about the structure or nature of the Republic; its name implies a representative government, but to date they remain unrevealed. What is known is that they are the defenders in the far-future Neoblox timeframe, and the war depicted by the line was instigated by the invasion of their territory by the Dinas Empire.

Their faction insignia, as depicted on the Neoblox packaging, resembles that of the Helic Republic, but no explicit connection between the two has been made.

Republic ZoidsEdit

Beith Zoids are, like those of their enemies the Dinas Empire, exclusively Blox Zoids. Their Zoid technology was developed largely during illegal civilian "ZiEL" Zoids battles. They make use of Bravejaguars and Hardbears on land and Hurricanehawks in the air. Republic Zoids are typically "cool" colors such as blue and white.

Despite disapproving of combination technology so strongly that they worked to make it illegal, the Beith Republic was ultimately forced to use it to create the Bitegriffon and Valkyrie Caesar Zoids. Unlike the large Imperial Zoids, these units are controlled by a single pilot.

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