Berserk Fury Shadow Edge (QE)
The Berserk Fury Shadow Edge (QE) as seen in the unofficial continuation

Tyrannosaurus Type
Crew 1
Weight tons
Depth m
Height m
Maximum Speed

The Berserk Fury Shadow Edge is a Zoid unique to the Chaotic Century manga. It is piloted by Raven. It uses several energy blades as its primary weapon.

Release DetailsEdit

The Berserk Fury Shadow Edge was never released as a model kit.


The Berserk Fury Shadow Edge appears in the Chaotic Century Manga, and is piloted by Raven. After being beaten by Van, Raven eventually acquires his Berserk Fury, which eventually becomes a Shadow Edge variant after fusing with his Organoid, Shadow. It is first seen effortlessly chopping up a custom Iron Kong made for the Prozen Knights and destroying the Geno Breaker piloted by Hanna of the Prozen Knights. Its final appearance is in Alca Canyon where it does battle with Van's Liger Zero Caesar The King.

BFSE vs Caesar

Van and Raven clash.