Berserk Fury Z
Saga2 Berserk Fury Z
The Berserk Fury Z, as it appears in Zoids: Legacy

Tyrannosaurus Type
Crew 1
Weight 125.0 tons
Depth 22.7 m
Height m
Maximum Speed 600 km/h
Weapons 12-Missile, Charged Particle Cannon, Strike Laser Claw

The Berserk Fury Z (or Zenebas Fury) is a Berserk Fury CAS seen in the Zoids Saga series of video games. It is most noteworthy for its incredible speed. Using its thrusters it can reach speeds of 600 km/h.

Release DetailsEdit

The Berserk Fury Z was never released as a model kit.


The Berserk Fury Z appears in the Zoids Saga series, and is an optional armor for the Berserk Fury. In Zoids: Legacy, it is piloted by Vega Obscura in an optional Colosseum available at the end of the game. It is a very powerful Zoid, as its GEP (energy recovery rate) is incredibly high for a Large-Scale Zoid, making it one of the more practical Zoids (though it is only acquirable at a very late point in the game). As a comparison, the GEP of the Berserk Fury Z is the same as a King Gojulas or a Death Meteor. When trained, the Berserk Fury Z is also able to equip the Gravity Cannon without suffering a weight impedance.