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Bio Liger
Bio Liger's official artwork Zoids Saga DS.
Digald Empire
Liger Type
Crew 1
Weight 102.0t tons
Depth 24.3m m
Height m
Maximum Speed 300km/h
Weapons Shin Armor Blade[1], Tail Blade (1), Bio Laser Claw[2], Shoulder Claw[3]

The Bio Liger (バイオライガー, Baio Raigā) is a Lion-type of Zoid, one of over 200 species of biomechanical lifeforms depicted by TOMY's Zoids model, toy and media franchise.


The Bio Liger is a non-model Zoid that appears in Zoids Saga DS. It originates from a contest prompting entrants to send in their own Bio Zoid designs, with the winning artwork being made into a game Zoid. This was an interesting direction after a precedent of model customization contests. As strange as this Zoid is, it also has shifting armor pieces. The blades, which are normally kept at the elbows, can rotate forward, almost identically to the functionality of the Hayate Liger's blades.

The Shoulder Claws are another moving weapon. While inactive, they fit over the shoulders, but when called into battle the entire armor piece is lifted up off of the leg and rotated to above the head. With three forward-facing horns, and the spikes still facing backwards, it is not entirely clear how this is supposed to be an effective weapon. A possible explanation is that it may provide an additional layer of armor to protect the Zoid.



  1. ツインアームブレード
  2. バイオレーザークロー
  3. ショルダークロー