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Blitz Haken
NJR Blitz Haken
Velociraptor Type
Zi-Arms / Neo-Zenebas Empire
Crew 1
Weight ? tons
Depth ? m
Height ? m
Maximum Speed ?
Weapons Haken Claw (2), Haken Tail (1), Heavy Machine Gun (2), Haken Smash (2)
Equipment ?

The Blitz Haken (ブリッツハーケン, Burittsu Hāken) is a type of Zoid, a race of biomechanical lifeforms from the fictional Zoids universe.


The Blitz Haken was created by the Zi-Arms Foundation as a support unit for the Brastle Tiger. The Zoid has amazing agility and offensive capabilities, but lacks power in weapons. The Zoid itself only has one pair of machine guns located on its lower body. Not only that, it is a considerably weak Zoid with virtually no armour, the pilot easily exposed to danger. This makes it difficult for the Zoid to get close enough to its opponent to use its numerous close-range weapons.

"Haken" is a German word meaning "hook", presumably referring to its velociraptor-style Haken Claws.

Media Appearances[]

Although the Blitz Haken does not appear in any official media, there is an illustration of what appears to be an organoid-like Blitz Haken used by Dengeki to advertise their Berserk Fury Mass Production Armor and the Seismosaurus Cannon. It looks almost identical to the Blitz Haken, but much more cartoonish and scaled down to the size of an organoid, portraying the Zoid as a mascot.


Dengeki Hobby BLOX[]

The Haken mounted on the Brastle Tiger

The Blitz Haken was only released by Dengeki Hobby Magazine as a limited edition kit with the assistance of TOMY. The kit comes with one large frame with a blue pilot and a gold second-style Blox cube. The Zoid is colored entirely in red plastic. There are no instructions on how to build the Zoid due to it being a relatively easy build. It was released as the second of Dengeki's Zoid kits, with the Blitz Hornet and the Blitz Sworder. A Hobby magazine shows the kit being broken down as an upgrade kit for the Brastle Tiger.

The box for the Zoid shows a version of the Blitz Haken with painted detail. It is shown to have a black trim, a white tail blade and yellow eyes. It also shows a detailed colored pilot.

A custom-painted Blitz Haken, reflecting the coloration used in Hobby Magazine.