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Blitz Sworder
Blitz Sworder
Stag Beetle Type
Crew 1
Weight 8.2 tons
Depth 9.2 m
Height 3.6 m
Maximum Speed 320 km/h (198 mph)

The Blitz Sworder (ブリッツソーダ) is a type of Zoid, one of over 200 species of biomechanical lifeforms depicted by TOMY's Zoids model, toy, and media franchise from the fictional Zoids universe.


Released as a HOBBY magazine exclusive, the Blitz Sworder is one of three special Blox Zoids that were released (The other two are Blitz Hornet and the Blitz Haken). Its design is based off of the Double Sworder. This Zoid is by far the most mysterious, unique, and strange Zoid out of the three Blitz Zoids. Its box art style is completely different from the other two Zoids. Also, the Blitz Sworder's box art does not show it with as many painted details as that shown on the box arts for the Blitz Hornet or the Blitz Haken. The pilot figure is in a black/dark gray color scheme and the single second-style Blox cube is translucent with bright green innards, identical to those included with the Baratz. Instead of coming on a single frame like the other two Blitz Zoids, all of the components used to build the Blitz Sworder are placed inside a small plastic bag in the box. Also unlike the other two, it is not a single color scheme, being molded in white and blue instead. In addition, no faction was ever assigned to this Zoid. It is only designated as BZD-03, the third Zoid in HOBBY's "Blitz" series (However, seeing as how it was based off of the Double Sworder, and with its blue-and-white color scheme, it is not unreasonable to assume it is a Republic/ZOITEC Zoid). Finally, the Blitz Sworder's box art strangely has a Zoids: Genesis logo, despite the Zoid never appearing in any form of media to date. It has no instructions, as do its "Blitz" counterparts, being a relatively easy build.


Dengeki Hobby BLOX[]

Blitz Sworder was released purely in Japan; it never received any official release anywhere else. It was first released as the Hobby Magazine exclusive and its mold was later re-used for the Girafsworder of the Baratz series.

Seeing as how the Blitz Haken, one of its counterparts, was sold to accompany the Brastle Tiger, it can be safe to assume that the other "Blitz" Zoids, the Blitz Sworder included, were all released at around the same time in 2004; however, this is pure conjecture, owing to the ambiguous information surrounding this Zoid.