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Burton[1] is a fictional character from Zoids: Fuzors. He is an antagonist and for the majority of the series, and a member of Savage Hammer.

Appearances Zoids: Fuzors
Debut Zoids: Fuzors Episode 1
Affiliation Savage Hammer (fake)
Richter Scale (true)
Age 27[2]
Primary Zoids Lord Gale
Japanese Name Burton
Voice Actors Ryuuzou Ishino in the Japanese version
Alessandro Juliani in the English version.


Burton is a member of Alpha Richter's group, Richter Scale. However, he is a double-agent, and thus, for the majority of the series, is actually with Sandra's Savage Hammer, and pretends to act on her orders. He serves as their secondary pilot, although he is much less successful than Blake. Often, he takes on minor roles, and regularly comes into conflict with the RD-obsessed Blake, preferring to win via any means, as opposed to Blake, who has his sights set on defeating RD, and RD alone, by himself.


Burton seemingly has no morals. He does not hesitate to do Sandra's dirty work, nor does he hesitate to abandon her when Alpha asks him to. He relishes in his work, and looks down on almost everyone, including his Savage Hammer team mates (although this is not surprising, given that he is really working for Alpha). As such, by the end of the series, he is disliked by almost everyone.

Ability as a Zoid Pilot[]

Burton's usual outfit

Burton comes across as one of the series' worst pilots. He is almost always defeated with little difficulty. His only successes come from when he either picks on incredibly weak opponents (such as the untrained Matt or wild Zoids), or launches a surprise attack. It must be noted, however, that he does not pilot a Fuzor. As such, his Zoid is horribly outclassed, and even if he were a good pilot, he would still be unlikely to win any battles. His Lord Gale is totalled at least once over the course of the series.


Like ever other character, Burton has his own unique relationships. He is disliked by the vast majority of the cast, even among his team mates. There are few who are actually on his side.

Sandra: Although he seems loyal to Sandra, he in reality has no connection with her at all. He even gloats about how she was tricked by Marvis, and does not hesitate to abandon her when Alpha reveals his plans.

Blake: Burton and Blake do not get along. Burton tries to do his job, while Blake simply wants revenge on RD. When these goals conflict, the two often fight. When Burton defects, Blake's hostility toward him does not change.

Watts, Miguel, and Vulcan: Burton is friendly towards Watts' threesome. Burton is well aware of their potential as Zi-Fighters.

Reynard: Burton actually approves Reynard's tactics of operating the unmanned Chimera BLOX.

Alpha Richter: Alpha is the only person Burton is actually loyal toward. Given his fickle nature, there is no reason to assume he works for Alpha for any reason other than personal gain.


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