Buster Fury
Buster Fury
The Buster Fury, as seen in Zoids: Fuzors
Tyrannosaurus / Eagle Type
Savage Hammer
Crew 2
Weight 151.0 tons
Depth 24.5 m
Height 16.5 m
Maximum Speed 340 km/h
Weapons Charged Particle Cannon, Electron Bit Fang, Strike Laser Claw (2) (forelimb), Strike Claw (2) (hind legs), Strike Smash Tail (1), Buster Claw (Magnesser Claw/Energy Shield/AZ185mm Beam Cannon) (2) (back), Buster Cannon (2) (back), Anti-Air Missile (4), Anti-Surface Missile (4), Drop Bomb (2)
Equipment Footlock (2) (hind legs), Charged Particle Generator (3) (tail), Ion Booster Pack (back), High Maneuver Thruster (2) (back), Vernier Thruster (10), Magnesser Wing (2)

The Buster Fury is a Fuzor Zoid, and is a combination of the Berserk Fury and Buster Eagle. With Eagle latched onto its back, the Berserk Fury gains full-flight capabilities, as well as access to the Buster Eagle's Buster Cannons. The Berserk Fury's Buster Claws are still usable while the Zoids are fused, but suffer from restricted mobility. The Fury can also still used its Charged Particle Gun whilst fused with the Eagle.

Release DetailsEdit

The Fuzors line saw the re-release of the Berserk Fury and Buster Eagle bundled together, under the name Buster Fury. A new frame was included with the Fury that contained a modified backpack to accommodate the recoloured Buster Eagle that was supplied with the model, as well as new and larger foot soles that would allow it to walk with the Eagle mounted on it. The Fury came with a new sticker sheet and a miniature figure of Blake instead of the regular pilot figure. A production flaw in some, however, caused the kits movement to malfunction due to a broken gear component in the motor. The Buster Eagle remained relatively unchanged, save for having its dark brown parts recoloured to metallic red.

Battle StoryEdit


The sole appearance of the Buster Fury in an anime series is in Zoids: Fuzors, where it makes its debut in episode 3. Here it is piloted by Blake and Luke, who would utilize the Zoid to try and best Mach Storm, or, more specifically, RD. Being a Fuzor, it is much more powerful than other Zoids, and its large arsenal made it a threatening presence. It would, however, be quickly countered by the Fire Phoenix, and its Fuzor form, the Liger Zero Phoenix. The Buster Fury would, while posing a threat to Mach Storm, have little success at actually besting them, and was usually overpowered or forced to retreat after running using up its time limit (a flaw all Fuzor Zoids were depicted as having). It would eventually be destroyed by a single shot from the Energy Liger, which attacked the Buster Fury from behind while it was fighting against the Matrix Dragon, rendering both its component Zoids damaged beyond repair.

Video GamesEdit

The Buster Fury would appear in several Video games, such as the Zoids VS and Zoids Saga franchises.


A limited exclusive resin CAS for the Buster Fury was created, called the Mass Production Type which features a Buster Cannon with a remodeled mount, a visor, a pincer-like arm and new armor panels. It was sold at Wonder Fest in Japan in 2006. It was also depicted in an artwork by Mercy Rabbit, the same artist who did the Zoids Generations artwork.
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