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Catalga Kai
ZWZ-Catalga Kai 1.png

Silkworm Type
Imperial Army
Crew 1
Weight tons
Depth m
Height m
Maximum Speed
Weapons Cutting Drill
Drill Jaws
Tail Horn (2)
Equipment Z-O Visor (Imperial Army)
Lower Jaw
Rotation Leg (2)
Tow Carrier

The Catalga Kai (キャタルガ改, Kyataruga Kai) is a silkworm-Type Zoid, one of over 200 species of biomechanical lifeforms depicted by TOMY's Zoids model, toy, and media franchise. It is a variation of the Catalga


The Catalga Kai is an M-sized Zoid.

Equipment & Features[]

Z-O Visor
Z-O Visor (Z-Oバイザー)
Lower Jaw
Lower Jaw (下顎)
Cutting Drill
Cutting Drill (切削ドリル)
Drill Jaws
Drill Jaws (ドリルジョー)
Tail Horn
Tail Horn (尾角)
Tow Carrier
Two Carrier (牽引キャリア)
Rotation Leg
Rotation Leg (回転足)


Two Catalga are featured in minor roles for both the Republic and Empire in Zoids: Wild ZERO. It is mostly seen as a transport zoid for both republic and empire . A Catalga of republic was used by Christopher Guiller temporarly to defeat Genospino he used Catalgas Evo Blast to break down a large building on Genospino so that Rising Liger could defeat it .