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Berserk Fury Hasbro2

Box art with Hasbro branding

Following the launch of the New Japanese Release, Hasbro licensed Zoids for release in North America and South-East Asia in 2001; referred to as the New American Release, commonly abbreviated as NAR. Initially, the Hasbro line consisted of just re-releases of Zoids from the NJR. However, they later began developing their own Zoid designs, as well as co-developing others with TOMY. Additionally, Hasbro had planned to re-release several OJR Zoids that had not been released in the NJR.

Although it was initially successful, Hasbro suspended the line in 2004. The cancellation of the line left a number of Zoids unreleased, including most of those not yet re-released by TOMY.

Any Blox Zoids that were released by Hasbro were sold as part of the sub-line known as Z-Builders. Most of the Z-Builders were re-releases of the NJR Blox sub-line, but the line included several Hasbro-designed Zoids, as well as individual releases of Blox Zoids that did not occur in Japan.

Hasbro also released a small line of prebuilt action figures, featuring Zoids that starred in the anime series', along with a short line of miniature PVC "Battle Champions".


Because this is a fan-term, there is no single "correct" definition of the NAR. As such, the wiki has no conclusive sources for which regions and Zoids constitute the NAR.

Common sources of inconsistencies in the usage of NAR revolve around the inclusion of "left over stock" from the NAR to other regions, and other regions into the NAR, make it ambiguous as to which line these Zoids are part of.

In addition, some individuals may arbitrarily include "sub-lines" of the NAR as part of the NAR, while others treat the NAR as "ZOIDS" branded model kits only. The size of the NAR can increase dramatically, with some claiming the line is the largest non-Japanese Zoids line. This is used inconsistently, as the NAR may amalgamate many lines, regardless of physical similarity.


See the list of NJR Zoids for non-Hasbro-exclusive releases.

Hasbro Variant and Exclusive ZoidsEdit

Hasbro Variant and Exclusive Z-BUILDERS (BLOX)Edit

Unreleased Hasbro ZoidsEdit

(*) Zoids released in the Philippines.

Hasbro Action FiguresEdit

First Wave (green packaging)Edit

Gunsniper LS mould

Box art with green packaging

Second Wave (silver packaging)Edit

Gun Sniper mould

Box art with silver packaging

  1. 007 Shield Liger
  2. 032 Sea Striker
  3. 015 Iron Kong
  4. 022 Death Saurer
  5. 034 Geno Breaker
  6. 041 Liger Zero HoloTech
  7. 046 Shadow Fox
  8. 049 Berserk Fury
  9. 054 Liger Zero X

Third Wave (Zi-Comm compatible)Edit

  1. 064 Gojulas Giga
  2. 065 Dimetrodon (purple)
  3. 110 Chimera Dragon
  4. 111 Fuzor Dragon
  5. 111 Battle Cougar
  6. 032 Sea Striker 2.0 (yellow, unreleased)
  7. 007 Shield Liger 2.0 (red, unreleased)

Electronic Zoids Action Figures (1/52 scale)Edit

Zoids Battle ChampionsEdit

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Set 3Edit

Hover Cargo PlaysetEdit

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