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Logo that appears on green NER boxes

In 2003, TOMY began releasing Zoids in the UK.

The Zoids were identical to Hasbro-released ones, save for the logos. (NER Zoids have a Tomy UK and a green, vaguely wreath-like logo on the front.)

The UK release featured several Zoids designs and colour schemes that were not available in the NAR, including the Geno Saurer and blue Blade Liger.

The line was cancelled in mid-2004.


Because this is a fan-term, there is no single "correct" definition of the NER. As such, the wiki sometimes calls the "NER": New English Release, New European Release, or the United Kingdom Release. Each of these terms contradicts the other, as "English" does not permit "European" countries, yet "United Kingdom" does not fit the "NER" acronym.

Aside from the naming, inconsistencies exist when discussing changes. Some fans state there is no difference between NJR and NER, aside from packaging (above). While others say the NER contains left-over stock fro the NAR. Others relate it to the NPR instead.

Since any combination of these can be called the "NER" within any justifiable reason, precisely which countries, languages and Zoids actually constitute the NER varies greatly depending on the person.

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