Note: NJR is a term invented by fans, and hence is not official. This category and related articles consists of original research, and is likely to contain inconsistent or incomplete information.

The New Japanese Release of Zoids is the fourth release of Zoids in Asia and began in 1999. Several new Zoid designs were first seen in this line. The Zoids were divided into Helic and Guylos factions, with the Zenebas Empire returning later. The OJR battle story was continued on the NJR boxes, with the Zoids Anime and Manga drawing on alternate versions of the New Battle Story's events.


Because this is a fan-term, there is no single "correct" definition of the NJR. As such, the wiki has no conclusive sources for which regions and Zoids constitute the NJR.

Some sources of inconsistencies include the specific areas that the NJR was released in. Some say the Korean Zoids form part of the NJR, while others maintain this as a unique line. Other areas around Asia are also included as being part of the "Japanese" release, despite not being a part of Japan.

Another source of inconsistency arises with the end-date of the NJR. Some fans include the notion of "lines" or "waves" that extend the life of the NJR. Lines unrelated to the initial Helic/Imperial Zoids have seen inclusion in the NJR term, such as the uniquely-branded BLOX Zoids.

The notion of "left over stock" and "re releases" from other countries/companies, further allow Zoids to be covered by the NJR term due to heritage of parts, despite box art or country changes that would otherwise see these Zoids as part of another line.

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