Note: NPR is a term invented by fans, and hence is not official. This category and related articles consists of original research, and is likely to contain inconsistent or incomplete information.


Diloforce Tomy

Australian Diloforce with TOMY branding

In parallel to the NAR, TOMY began releasing Zoids in Australia and South-East Asia. The Zoids released by TOMY in these countries were identical to Hasbro's NAR Zoids, but were TOMY branded and manufactured. While the line mirrored the NAR, a number of Zoids scheduled for release in the NAR only came out in this line. Similarly, a lot of Zoids released in the NAR were never released in the Pacific region. The line had effectively ended as of 2004, with leftover stock appearing on shelves throughout 2005.

Sub-Lines The New Pacific Release also had a Z-Builders sub-line, identical to the NAR.


Because this is a fan-term, there is no single "correct" definition of the NPR. As such, the wiki has no conclusive sources for which regions constitute the NPR.

Common sources of inconsistencies include the countries and languages that make up the NPR. Common countries included in the NPR are: Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Philippines, due to common distribution and packaging. However, the is NPR sometimes used to talk about Australian or New Zealand Zoids only as those countries share distribution more commonly than with the South East Asian countries nearby.

Aside from the countries and languages, inconsistencies exist when discussing "leftover stock". It is the case that some models of the NAR were released in NPR countries with different packaging. It is within reason to list these models as either being the NAR or NPR based on the heritage of the parts vs the country or box art.

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