Note: OAR is a term invented by fans, and hence is not official. This category and related articles consists of original research, and is likely to contain inconsistent or incomplete information.

The Zoid that later became known as Terrazoid.

The Original American Release was the first wave of Zoids to hold the 'Zoids' name and began with five models (three of which were reissued from Mechabonica).

These first five Zoids initially went un-named but later became Tyrannazoid, Terrazoid, Spiderzoid, Aquazoid and Protozoid. They were later joined by several other Zoids including Giant ZRK and two Power Zoids unavailable in Japan, Tank and Serpent.

Though referred to as the Original American Release, the OAR was also available in Australia, the UK and mainland Europe. The only difference between the OAR released in America and the OAR released elsewhere is that the American Serpent's wheels are green instead of brown.

Around the time of the OAR, the American company Radio Shack produced a Mammoth kit. This is identical to the OJR version with the exception of coming in an English-language box and having 'Tandy' on the battery cover instead of 'Tomy'.

Though unsuccessful in Australia, the OAR in America went on to become Robo Strux and the OAR in Europe spawned the OER.


Because this is a fan-term, there is no single "correct" definition of the OAR. As such, the wiki has no conclusive sources for which regions and Zoids constitute the OAR.

Some inconsistencies arise, such as precisely which years, countries and Zoids constitute the OAR. Some state that "left over stock" arriving in Europe formed part of the OER, while others maintain this is part of the OAR. The inclusion of the Mammoth, and the differences seen in Australia are also other examples of where the term OAR is inconsistent. Due to the heritage of parts, it is within reason to list these Zoids either as the OAR or as releases more specific to countries outside the USA.

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