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The OER is an initial line of model kits that were released under the name Zoids. This was the first such release in Europe.

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Date Countries Zoids Notes
???(initial) Europe Tyrannazoid, Terrazoid, Spiderzoid, Aquazoid, Protozoid These Zoids were unnamed
??? Europe Tyrannazoid, Terrazoid, Spiderzoid, Aquazoid, Protozoid These Zoids re-released with names
??? Europe Serpent, Tank, Giant ZRK battery-operated
??? Europe Serpent, Tank Comic added, Zoids recoloured to match.
??? Europe ??? Other Japanese Zoids were released, but recoloured.
??? Europe Spider-Man and Zoids Comic released
???(last) Europe Super 1000 Zoids

In total, 48 different Zoids were released as part of the OER line (not including variants, contest prizes and unreleased models). No accessory sets were released. The OJR Terrestrial Soldiers set featured in the comic and a 'Diorama Crater' was available as a mail-away prize. A series of promotionnal items was also released.

The Deathsaurus, and Ultrasaurus were seen in some media, but not released.

Due to Tomy having several manufacturing plants, different versions of each Zoid exist. Such differences are caused by the molds not being identical and though they are slight (more/less detail, larger/smaller mounting points etc) they often mean that parts from one version of a Zoid are not compatible with another version. In general, Zoids made in Japan have better detailing and plastic quality than those made elsewhere (Singapore and France).


Because this is a fan-term, there is no single "correct" definition of the OER. As such, the wiki has no conclusive sources for which regions constitute the OER.

Some inconsistencies arise with the notion of "left-over stock". Some consider left-over OAR Zoids released in Europe to be part of the OER. Others group this as part of an European release of the OAR. It is within reason to classify the OER based on heritage of parts, box art, distribution lines or countries.

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