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Note: OJR is a term invented by fans, and hence is not official. This category and related articles consists of original research, and is likely to contain inconsistent or incomplete information.

After the success of the OAR Zoids line (see Zoids - the OAR), Japan was given its own version of the series which proved to be far larger and longer-lived than either America's Robo Strux or Europe's OER (see Zoids - the OER).

The OJR line's backstory was mainly printed on the back of boxes (as opposed to Europe's comic books) and detailed the war between the Helic Republic and the Zenebas Empire. Later in the story, Zenebas was replaced by the Guylos Empire (also known as the Dark Empire) to give Helic a new enemy. Each side had its own design characteristics, strengths, weaknesses and colour schemes, all of which were reflected in the side's Zoids.

Alongside the battle story, the box also had a complete set of stats for the Zoid contained within such as max speed, armaments, height and weight.

As with the European line, Tomy's use of several manufacturing plants means that different versions of each Zoid exist. Such differences are caused by the molds not being identical and though they are slight (more/less detail, larger/smaller mounting points etc) they often mean that parts from one version of a Zoid are not compatible with another version. In general, Zoids made in Japan have better detailing and plastic quality than those made elsewhere (Singapore, France etc).

The original Iron Kong (and therefore also the OER Gore and Robo Strux Badox) has a 2AA battery motor. This was changed for later versions to a 1C motor.


Because this is a fan-term, there is no single "correct" definition of the OJR. As such, the wiki has no conclusive sources for which regions or Zoids constitute the OJR.

Inconsistencies arise with the notion of sub-lines. Lines can be included by the OJR that have common distribution methods, despite having different packaging or branding. As such models with different scale or backstory may be part of the OJR within reason. Some also count the inclusion of Korean Zoids (later known as Starriors) as part of the NJR, which had no release in Japan itself.


OJR Zoids require assembly. (Snap-together, no glue needed.) Models have colours moulded into the plastic, they do not need any paint.

Sub Lines[]

There were 3 main sub lines within the OJR:

1:24 Scale Zoids[]

The 1:24 scale line was a short-lived line of scaled up Zoids. Each 1:24 Zoid had a typically Zoid-style construction but the main change was that they had jointed action-figure sized pilots. Colour schemes were also dramatically different; all the Imperial Zoids had white armour whilst the Republican Zoids were covered in smooth transparent blue shields.

Though considered a failure, the line was later reissued outside of the Zoids line as 'Zevle' (Zoic Battle Vehicle). Imperial Zevles now had pearlescent red armour whilst Republican Zevles were tan and blue with smoke-coloured shields instead of bright blue. There was also a backstory, unrelated to any of the Zoids storylines, told in pamphlets with the kits. Like its forebear, this line also failed and not all of the original 1:24 saw a reissue here.


Grade-Up Zoids[]

Each of these Zoids had a port (usually on their backs) that contained a spinning gear. When one of the Grade-Up weapons was attached here, special features would be activated on the weapon like spinning barrels.


Only three Transfighters made it into production, all of which were of Helic allegiance. They could function like Zoids on their own but could be transformed into what was essentially a Grade Up unit. They could then be plugged onto any Zoid's Grade Up port.

Accessories and Add-ons[]

Alongside the main line there were many sub lines and accessory sets for use with the Zoids models.

  • Weapons sets - These include the four highly sought-after Customize Sets (these could be used to give extra firepower to the larger Zoids) and Remodel Set No.1 (similar to the Customize Sets but for the small Zoids).
    • RCZ-01 Remodel Set No.1
    • Custmize Set (Republic)
    • Custmize Set (Empire)
    • NEW Custmize Set (Republic)
    • NEW Custmize Set (Empire)
  • Diorama-Bases - These were bases and depots that could be built and customized for use with the Zoids models. They could be used individually or combined to form an enormous headquarters! Five kits were released in 1985 and 1986, including a deluxe set containing parts from all earlier sets.
    • DZ-01 Diorama-Base No.1 (Combat Base)
    • DZ-02 Diorama-Base No.2 (Factory Base)
    • DZ-03 Diorama-Base No.3 (Heliport Base)
    • DZ-04 Diorama-Base DX
    • DZ-05 Diorama-Base Super DX
  • Figure Sets - Three sets of 1:72-scale soldier figures and weapons were released in 1984 and 1985.
    • RFZ-01 Figure Set No.1 (Terrestrial Soldiers)
    • EFZ-01 Figure Set No.2 (Emperor Soldiers)
    • FZ-03 Figure DX Set No.3
  • Grade Up Units - These were issued later in the line and were specifically designed for use with Grade Up Zoids. There are five GU sets in total, each (with the exception of the so-called 'Eye Flasher') has features that will be activated once the weapon is plugged into a GU Zoid's Port.
    • No.1 Hyper Beam Guns
    • No.2 Pulse Cannon
    • No.3 EyeFlasher
    • No.4 Winglider
    • No.5 GyroCrafters

Promotional Models and Unknown Items[]

The OJR line is well known for having a huge amount of promotional items. In fact, there are so many that new and previously unknown pieces appear all the time! Detailed here are only items that could be considered compatible with the normal line.

  • Blue King Gojulas - Identical in design and packaging to the regular King Gojulas but the grey armour is now navy blue. It was the prize for a magazine competition.
  • Purple Iron Kong - Identical in design and packaging to the regular Iron Kong but maroon parts are now purple (although the battery cover retains its original red). Unknown origin, though recently, this Zoid has been confirmed to be a prototype.
  • Chromed Zoids - These are simply single-colour (silver or gold) chromed models. Many are known to exist with the main set appearing to consist of Hellcat, Hammerock, Twinhorn and Puterasu. The kits have various origins, most of them being competition prizes (although some appear to have been issued in bags with a large silver sticker denoting them as staff loyalty awards).
  • Overseas Versions - These are what appear to be Robo Strux models repackaged in Japanese boxes (Gordox in a Gordos box). Boxes appear identical to that of the Japanese version but have an 'Overseas Version' sticker on. Believed to be convention pieces.
  • MZ Zoids - A pair of Zoids recoloured to match the OJR Mk-II and Newtype colours: Zatton (red and black) and Gurantula (blue and white). Produced by Tomy-Mate instead of Tomy.
  • Gustav Empire Specification - A maroon and silver Gustav, identical to the OER Red Scavenger. It is unclear whether this is truly a limited edition piece or just a Red Scavenger that found its way overseas. Although often confused with the MZ Zoids, it has no link to them.
  • Mk-II Limiteds - Hugely valuable limited-edition versions of Gojulas and Iron Kong. Both are fully upgraded with all compatible weapons from the Customize sets and have new colour schemes; Gojulas Mk-II has a tan-and-brown colour scheme whilst Iron Kong Mk-II is pearlescent red and black. These two saw a semi-reissue in the NJR Zoids line; that is to say the limited edition Gojulas The Ogre and Iron Kong PK have colour schemes directly influenced by these 2.
  • Attack Zoids (reissued as Command Zoids) - These are tiny Zoids that were available in packs of candy. They remain 1:72 scale but have no motor or rubber caps.
  • Prerelease Zoids - A Dark Horn and a Deadborder were used as a market test in 1998 (the test apparently proved successful as the NJR line was then launched). For the most part these Zoids are identical to their OJR versions with only subtle diffences like changes to the Darkhorn's battery compartment (one battery instead of two) and Deadborder's tubes changing colour (dirty brown-grey to light grey).

The Models[]

Each Zoid has its own designation number. The first letter of this designation gives the name of the Zoid's side while the final letters indicate its power source, as per determined by the model kit. Designations can be read as follows:

  • R... = Republic
  • E... = Empire
  • D... = Dark Empire
  • ...MZ = Motorised Zoid (small wind-up motor)
  • ...HI = Hi-Powered Zoid (Hi-1000 wind-up motor)
  • ...PZ = Powered Zoid (AA batteries)
  • ...BOZ = Battery Operated Zoid (C batteries)
  • ...TF = Trans-Fighter Zoid

Unfortuntely, the designations were often inconsistently applied; for example, Deathsaurer would have been better suited to an "EBOZ" designation than the "EPZ" designations they received, while similarly Dibison would have made more sense as an "RPZ" than a "RBOZ".

There are also a few missing numbers in sequence or contradictory entries; for example, both Gustav and Shieldliger are designated RPZ-02.

The Helic Republic[]

The Helic Republic was founded by Helic Muroa. Republican Zoids are characterised by a blocky design and are mostly lightly armoured - this may seem like a setback but it actually allows for ease of maintenance and speed of repair.

Although the Republic has no set colour scheme, the Zoids are generally dark earthly tones like black, grey, dull green, and navy blue. Only towards the end of the line did Helic Zoids feature brighter colours like red and silver.

The chrome on Republican pilots ranges in colour from a pale metallic lemon through to a deep, vibrant orange.

The 3 Transfighters are unique to the Republic's army and have no equivalent in any other faction.

The Helic Army contains 51 Zoids in total (not including promotional pieces):

The Zenebas Empire[]

The Zenebas Empire was founded by Helic Muroa's second son, Zenebas, who had been exiled from his homeland. The Empire's Zoids are characterised by a smooth aesthetic and have superior armour.

Imperial pilots can be recognised by their distinct vibrant silver chrome colour. The colour scheme of the Zenebas Army was originally maroon and silver (maroon and black for larger Zoids) but later became bright red and black/dark brown.

The Zenebas Army contains 30 Zoids in total (not including promotional pieces):

The Guylos (Dark) Empire[]

Guylos Zoids are generally characterized by an almost organic appearance and sport a nearly unstoppable combination of deadly firepower and heavy armor. The bright green glow emitted by some Zoid parts is caused by the Zoids' processing of a special ore, Deochalcum (most likely a play on the legendary Orichalcum, though only in name), which is native to the Dark Continent. The energy produced allows Dark Zoids to power incredibly destructive weapons for their size.

Imperial pilots can be recognized by their distinctive dark chrome color scheme.

The Guylos Army contains 9 Zoids in total (not including promotional pieces):

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