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Christopher Giller
Christopher Giller new transclusion img.jpg
Appearances Zoids: Wild ZERO
Debut TBA
Affiliation Empire Forces
Primary Zoids Sniptera
Japanese Name クリファー・ギレル (Christopher Giller)
Voice Actors 増田俊樹 (Toshiki Masuda)

Christopher Giller is a fictional character from Zoids: Wild ZERO and the first lieutenant of the Empire Forces.


Chris Giller is a notable member of the Empire forces, functionally serving as the opposite member of the Republican Clive Dias.

Giller initially pilots a red Sniptera, which proves very effective. His personal skills earn him high standing in the Empire. Because of his talent piloting, he is chosen by Collins to be the initial pilot of the Genospino.

However, this changes with the passing of Collins.

Initial control of the Genospino is handed over the Aldridge, under the lead of Shigaru.

Giller ends up fighting for the ideals of Collins, and hands himself over to the Republic. This allows the Republic to wear down, and eventually defat the Genospino.

With Aldridge and Shigaru tried for treason, Giller is redeemed within the Empire.

He holds post next to Empress Fiona, as she leads diplomatic relations with the Republic.

Eventually, Giller begins to investigate a rogue faction within the Empire. Frank Land gathers up forces and begins to build the Omega Rex.

Giller finds himself in the middle of a coup, and is temporarily captured.

Despite this, Giller escapes and remains working for Fiona in opposition to this new threat.

With the Omega Rex challenging the Empire, the Republic and the Empire seek to revive the Genospino.

When looking to choose a pilot, the Republic insists that it be left in control of a Republican soldier.

Dias is chosen, but he feigns injury to allow Giller to pilot the Zoid.

In episode 29, Giller uses the Genospino to fight the Omega Rex.

However, in a twist of events, Hannah Melville is revealed to be a successor to the Empire, and a new faction is formed around her. This "True Empire" seeks to overthrow Fiona.

Giller, as both Finoa's protector and pilot of the Genospino, is thrown into the middle of this.

In episode 31, he briefly teams up with Leo Conrad to prevent the True Empire seizing Fiona and the throne.

They succeed in defeating the True Empire, and gain temporary reprieve.

From here on, Giller remains loyal to the Empire, and assists with recovering Regeneration Cubes.

When Frank Land and the mysterious Electora Gate appear, Giller is once again chosen to pilot the Genospino. This time in tandem with Dias using the Omega Rex. They attempt to fight the nigh-invincible Zero Grizis.

This cumulates with the Zero Grizis seemingly consuming both Dias and Giller into a black hole, in episode 48.

They are freed in episode 49, after the destruction of the capital ship of the Republic.

Giller is present in the final fight, attempting to stop the Zero Grizis. Using the damaged Genospino, he has no hope of defeating the Zero Grizis, but he slows it down on several occasions, allowing Leo Conrad to eventually land the final blow.

Ability as a Zoid pilot[]

Piloting the Sniptera, he is one of the most formidable opponents in the series. He consistently bests Leo Conrad on many occasions. Having a flying Zoid with ranged weaponry means that ground-based units are virtually defenceless against his Zoid. This is especially true for the Beast Liger, which sparing occasional sidearms has no long-ranged weapons.