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Ciao[1] is a character in Zoids: Fuzors. She is a junior officer in Blue City's police force, the Peacekeeping Bureau.

Fz Ciao.jpg
Ciao at her Arosaurer's controls
Appearances Zoids: Fuzors
Debut Zoids: Fuzors Episode 1
Affiliation Peacekeeping Bureau
Age 20[2]
Primary Zoids Arosaurer
Japanese Name Chao
Voice Actors Ayumi Tsunematsu (Japanese)
Tabitha St. Germain (English)


Ciao is most often seen working alongside Deed, who appears to be both her partner and her friend. They help police Blue City's streets, and were involved in solving many of the various problems the city would face: tracking down the Holotech Zaber Fang, stopping Jean Holiday's Zoid-rustling gang, and a hostage situation on a luxury Whale King, for example. Ciao was personally responsible for taking down Jean Holiday's Zoid, and distracted one of the would-be hijackers long enough for RD to get the Liger Zero Falcon on board by chasing after his Double Sworder with a handgun.

When Alpha Richter arranged for Gummie to be removed as police chief and the PKB's Zoids replaced with Chimera Zoid drones, Ciao and the others stayed loyal until he returned, and then took to the streets to help everyone else in the fight against the Seismosaurus and its fusions.


Ciao offers RD some advice

As she takes her duties as an officer seriously, Ciao has little patience for nonsense or criminals, leading to scolding and questioning of both. When off-duty, however, she is fairly friendly, at one point offering RD advice on what to do about the appearance of the new Fuzors Zoids and how they'll impact his piloting the Liger Zero.

Ability as a Zoid pilot[]

Ciao arresting Jean Holiday

Ciao is a skilled Arosaurer pilot, capable of handling her Zoid on Blue City's streets while chasing down runaway pilots (such as RD or Matt in the Liger Zero). Both Gummie and Deed respect her skill in combat too—at one point, Deed even tells RD Ciao could "whip your behind in no time flat" in a Zoid battle.

When facing Jean Holiday's modified Arosaurer, she came out on top in the battle, defeating Jean by letting his Zoid grab hers by the neck...which lined up the perfect angle for her own guns.


Ciao's usual outfit

Like other characters, Ciao formed her own relationships with these characters;

RD: She and RD are in respective terms, she occasionally offers him advice.

Deed: Being partners, Ciao and Deed are seen working together helping Gummie taking down criminals.

Gummie: Ciao is very loyal to Gummie, she never hesitates to do the tasks given to her.

Jean Holiday: Jean is obviously attracted to Ciao, even though he is a suspect, she doesn't hesitate to arrest him.


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