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Clive Dias
Appearances Zoids: Wild ZERO
Debut Zoids: Wild ZERO Episode 4
Affiliation Republic Forces
Age 2nd Generation[1]
Primary Zoids Triceradogos Kai
Sniptera (borrowed)
Wild Liger Kai
Japanese Name Lieutenant Colonel Clive Dias (クライブ・ディアス中佐)
Voice Actors 三上哲

Lieutenant Colonel Clive Dias[2] is a fictional character from Zoids: Wild ZERO.


Zoids Wild ZERO[]

Dias appears in episode 4. He is a relatively senior Republican official tasked with overseeing the defense of important ruins in the area.

Dias does not travel with the main group, but routinely interacts with them through Jo Aysel. While Jo is mostly free to travel, she is occasionally requested to partake in missions with Dias.

In most of these missions, Leo and Buzz also assist Dias, despite not being part of the military.

Dias remains true to the Republic, and it is shown his 1st Generation parents live in the Republican Capital Ship. He serves in the series predominantly as the Republican counterpart to Christopher Giller.

He starts with a Triceradogos Kai, but as the series progresses he obtains a Wild Liger Kai. This is notable as being the only Liger-type Zoid in the series aside from the one used by Leo.

One of Dias most important battles towards the end of the series is to fight against the Zero Grizis. He briefly fights it armed with the Gravity Cannon, as it can only be used by Liger-type Zoids.

While this initially works, the Zero Grizis is not totally defeated. It reappears and again fights the Empire and Republic.

With no more Gravity Cannon shells, Dias moves from fighting with the Wild Liger, to using the Omega Rex. Without the pendant unit, the Omega Rex is limited in how many times it can fire its Charged Particle Cannon.

While the Omega Rex (and Genospino) are insufficient to stop the Zero Grizis, Dias is present in the final battle, and ultimate defeat of the Zero Grizis.


Ability as a Zoid pilot[]

Dias is a high ranking Republican pilot. He is similar in skill to his Empire counterparts, but early in the series he is defeated twice by Aldridge. The latter occasion his Triceradogos is completely destroyed by the Genospino.

Despite these early losses, Dias is highly respected and proves his worth later in the series. He eventually becomes one of the most trusted Republican soldiers, being granted the ability to pilot the Omega Rex when it is recovered from the "True Empire"


Both of Dias' parents are seen living in the city "New Hope", a city build from the 1st generation, and attached to the migrant ship Neo Helic. Dias is on amicable terms with them, and introduces the main party to them in episode 16.


  • Dias' fist name "Clive" was revealed on the official website circa Zoids: Wild ZERO Episode 15. Until then, the Anime had exclusively referred to him by his surname or rank. In episode 16 his parents refer to him by his first name.