Command Striker
Command Striker
The Command Striker, as seen in Zoids: Fuzors
Wolf Type
Helic Republic
Crew 2
Weight 58.0 tons
Depth 14.7 m
Height 9.6 m
Maximum Speed 213 km/h
Weapons Zan Breaker, Machine Cannon x2, Medium Missile x2, Small Missile x2, Electron Bite Fang, Strike Laser Claw x4
Equipment Smoke Discharger x2, Energy Shield Generator

The Command Striker is a Wolf type Zoid, one of over 200 species of biomechanical lifeforms depicted by TOMY's Zoids model, toy, and media franchise. The Command Striker is unique to the Zoids: Fuzors anime and is a combination of the Leo Striker and Command Wolf.


The Command Striker mounts the Leo Striker on the Command Wolf's back, acting as a flexible turret which serves as both a gun and a sword. This turret also has its own cockpit, and can be operated independently to the Command Wolf's main body.

Battle story appearancesEdit

Media appearancesEdit


The sole appearance of the Command Striker in an anime is the Zoids: Fuzors series. Here, it is formed by the fusion of Sigma's Leo Striker and Helmut's Command Wolf. The Command Striker is first seen in episode 10, where Helmut and Sigma fuse their Zoids in order to fend off the assaults of the sadistic ex-Mach Storm member, Marvis. They are able to defeat his Shadow Fox with ease, but due to having sustained heavy damage prior to fusing their Zoids, the Command Striker collapsed, and they were unable to stop Marvis escaping. After this initial Fusion, Helmut's Zoid permanently changed from being a blue color to become a totally white Zoid. They would use the Command Striker many times later, such as against the Matrix Dragon, Dispelow, and Evo Flyer, and even briefly against the Energy Liger, however, the Command Striker would generally be overpowered or outmaneuvered, and had few significant roles toward the end of the series. While Sigma and Helmut were present in their respective Zoids in the final battle, they did not employ the Command Striker, and instead fought individually against the Seismosaurus.

Video GamesEdit

The Command Striker would be seen in the Zoids Saga series, from Saga: Fuzors and onwards.



The Command Striker model


A release of the Leo Striker and Command Wolf was produced under the name Command Striker as part of the Fuzors line. The Command Wolf was recoloured in pearly off-white, and the Leostriker's blue bits were done in metallic blue. Finally, the kit included an extra frame of parts in the Leostriker's lavender—a longer tail for the Leostriker when fused, and an adapter to allow a second fusion (not seen in the anime) which made use of more of the Leostriker's parts.

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