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Custom Blox
Custom Blox logo
Start Date 2006
End Date 2007
Includes Zoids From
Regions Japan
Designation CB

The Custom Blox line is a set of Blox Zoids labelled CBZ.


There are seven total Custom Blox Zoids; each can be used (in whole or in part) as additional weapons or equipment for larger Zoids. They are built around a single Blox core. They have no official affiliation; their pilots are grey, like those of the Helic Republic, but Metalhopper is known to operate with the Beith Zoid Bravejaguar and Spearwing with the Dinas Zoid Raptojaguar.


The original release of the Custom Blox was as a "prerelease" box set including CB-00 through -04. This set included grey pre-Neoblox-style pilots and was the only way to obtain CB-00 Airsplitter.

The mass release of the Custom Blox included individual boxes of CB-01 through CB-06. These figures included unchromed grey Neoblox-style pilots.

CB-01 Metalhopper and CB-02 Spearwing were also available packed with Bravejaguar and Raptojaguar, respectively, as part of the Neoblox line.

All versions of the CBZ kits include black second-style Blox with red-orange interiors.


  • CB-00 Airsplitter (Grasshopper Type)
  • CB-01 Metalhopper (Cricket Type)
  • CB-02 Spearwing (Hawk Moth Type)
  • CB-03 Garninaru (Larva Type)
  • CB-04 Harpers (Spider Type)
  • CB-05 Killerbee (Bee Type)
  • CB-06 Deadbuster (Ladybug Type)