Custom Blox
Custom Blox logo
Start Date 2006
End Date 2007
Includes Zoids From
Regions Japan
Designation CB

The Custom Blox line is a set of Blox Zoids labelled CBZ.

Overview[edit | edit source]

There are seven total Custom Blox Zoids; each can be used (in whole or in part) as additional weapons or equipment for larger Zoids. They are built around a single Blox core. They have no official affiliation; their pilots are grey, like those of the Helic Republic, but Metalhopper is known to operate with the Beith Zoid Bravejaguar and Spearwing with the Dinas Zoid Raptojaguar.

Release[edit | edit source]

The original release of the Custom Blox was as a "prerelease" box set including CB-00 through -04. This set included grey pre-Neoblox-style pilots and was the only way to obtain CB-00 Airsplitter.

The mass release of the Custom Blox included individual boxes of CB-01 through CB-06. These figures included unchromed grey Neoblox-style pilots.

CB-01 Metalhopper and CB-02 Spearwing were also available packed with Bravejaguar and Raptojaguar, respectively, as part of the Neoblox line.

All versions of the CBZ kits include black second-style Blox with red-orange interiors.

Models[edit | edit source]

  • CB-00 Airsplitter (Grasshopper Type)
  • CB-01 Metalhopper (Cricket Type)
  • CB-02 Spearwing (Hawk Moth Type)
  • CB-03 Garninaru (Larva Type)
  • CB-04 Harpers (Spider Type)
  • CB-05 Killerbee (Bee Type)
  • CB-06 Deadbuster (Ladybug Type)
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