Cyber-Drive Zoids was a short run of remote-controllable Zoids.

Cyber-Drive Zoids
Cyber-Drive Zoids logo
Start Date 2003
End Date 2003
Includes Zoids From N/A
Regions Japan
Designation CDZ


Cyber-Drive Zoids featured only two regular models and one limited edition modele. These were packaged with the Cyber Drive video game. All of the Zoids were designed to fight each other in battles. The guns on Cyber-Drive Zoids shoot plastic BBs, in an attempt to it the other Zoid's weak point, and win the battle.

Each Zoid is wirelessly controlled through an infra-red adapter connected to a Game Boy Advance. The GBA's R and L buttons are used for shifting, while the D-Pad moves the Zoid forwards and backwards. A fires the weapons, and B controls leaping. When controlling the Zoid, the GBA screen shows a special cockpit with information and read-outs.


The video game was released in Japan on the 18th of July 2003.


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