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Cyber Drive Zoids ~Soldier of Machine Beasts Hugh~ is a video game based on the Zoids franchise

Cyber Drive Zoids ~Soldier of Machine Beasts Hugh~ (Game Boy Advance)Edit


Cyber Drive Zoids box art

Cyber Drive Zoids ~Kiju no Senshi Hyuu~ was released on the 18th of July, 2003. It was a Roleplaying game set in the Zoids series, and was sold as a special edition package bundled with a Diablo Tiger Beta toy. Both versions include an infrared adapter. This adapter, along with the game, made it possible to control the Cyber Drive Zoids wirelessly via the GBA. The GBA's R and L buttons are used for shifting, while the D-Pad moves the Zoid forwards and backwards. A fires the weapons, and B controls leaping. When controlling the Zoid, the GBA screen shots a special cockpit with information and read-outs. The RPG takes elements from both Zoids Saga and Zoids Assault game types, but features polygonal representations of Zoids as well as hand-drawn story segments. A guidebook titled Cyber Drive Zoids ~Soldier of Machine Beasts Hugh~ Certain Victory Walkthrough Method was released on the 5th of August.
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