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Appearances Zoids: Fuzors
Debut Zoids: Fuzors Episode 19
Affiliation Unknown team
Age 26
Primary Zoids Gravity Saix
Japanese Name Tsurugi
Voice Actors Kentaro Ito in the Japanese version

Dart (Tsurugi in the Japanese version) is a fictional character in Zoids: Fuzors.


Dart and his teammates hail from a tribe who forsook technology and left to live in a remote region of the continent. Dart first appeared in episode 19 of fuzors. He is part of an unknown team hired to defeat Blake and RD . When the group enters Blue City, the group becomes lost and (because they come from a rural area without technology) causes much chaos, such as standing in the middle of the road. The group then flees the PKB, and finds themselves at Mach Storms headquarters. Instead of knocking on the door, Dart decides to just cut the door to pieces. While Mach Storm is confused by this, Vareth tells RD about the battle, and RD accepts. As the battle begins, Vareth and Dart take on RD. They are successful at first, but are beaten by the Energy Liger. They then decide to use their most "powerful" attack, but its simply a smoke screen to run away.

Dart and his teammates then reappear later on, this time helping RD and Sweet escape Alpha and his men. He is present at the last battle.


Dart, like the rest of his team, are naive to the world of technology. He appears to be a ninja of sorts. He always carries a sword, and keeps his face hidden, even when eating. He has a number of unusual personality traits, most notably his refusal to open doors; he prefers to cut them open with his sword (much to the annoyance of Mach Storm).

Despite being naive to the world of technology, Dart is shown to have, and use, a camera.

Ability as a Zoid Pilot[]

Dart is shown to be a capable Zoid pilot. His Zoid of choice is the Gravity Saix, and he uses the Zoid to his full advantage.


Like other characters, Dart has his own unique relationships

Vareth: Dart and Vareth are friends. They are seen watching each others backs in battle.

Sabre: Dart sees Sabre as a friend.

Sigma: Even though they don't interact too much, Sigma is shown to get annoyed at Dart when he barges in by slicing the door.

Sweet: Dart is shown to have a crush on Sweet, though no one seems to notice.

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