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Death Rex
ZW12-Death Rex 5.jpg
Death Rex
Tyrannosaurus Type
Death Metal Empire
Crew 1
Weight 154.0t tons
Depth 12.3m m
Height 5.6m m
Maximum Speed 247km/h
Weapons Ubra Drill
Death Jaws (2)
Crash Claw (2)
Kaiser Tail
Equipment IQ98

The Death Rex (デスレックス, Desu Rekkusu) is a Tyrannosaurus-Type Zoid, one of over 200 species of biomechanical lifeforms depicted by TOMY's Zoids model, toy, and media franchise.


The Death-Rex is a very large Zoid with an open-air cockpit. Compared to other Zoids in the Zoids: Wild series, it is an XL-sized Zoid.

Equipment & Features[]

Mandible (大顎)
Crash Claws
Crash Claws (クラッシュクロー)
Radiator Wing
Radiator Wing (放熱ウイング)
Ubra Drill
Ubra Drill (ウブラドリル)
Death Jaws
Death Jaws (デスジョーズ)
Kaiser Tail
Kaiser Tail (カイザーテイル)


Zoids: Wild[]

In Zoids: Wild, the Death Rex is known as Demise, and is part of the same legend that the Liger is depicted in.

Demise is piloted by Gigaboss, and is used by him when he is not using his Gilraptor. It is a legendary Zoid that sits atop the food chain. It is said to be responsible for the extinction of half of all Zoids species. It is fearsome, and nearly uncontrollable, so a majority of its time it is locked up.

It is revealed that in the past, Gigaboss and Quade were once friends and trained under the same master. Gigaboss' lust for power, and inability to beat Quade, led him to seek stronger and stronger Zoids. While Quade partnered with the Zaber Fang, Gigaboss found Demise.

Demise first appears in episode 13, where it fights, and defeats, Quade.

After the loss of Quade, Team Supreme and Freedom ambush Gigaboss in episode 20, and this is where Gigaboss uses the Dark Blast of Demise for the first time. It's proven to be nearly unbeatable, but also very unstable. The Hacker Key used by Gigaboss quickly disintegrates after using the Dark Blast.

In episode 49, Gigaboss revealed that it is the "Ancient Treasure Z" and activates it's full-power Dark Blast.

At the conclusion of the series, it's revealed that Demise isn't evil per-se, merely that it's power is so great that it had been used for destruction. It was stopped in the ancient past when a human stood up to it and formed a bond with it, turning its power towards keeping balance in the world. When its rider passed away, the power of their bond was passed to Liger, and Liger and its rider were then tasked with keeping Demise in check. When Demise is split up from Gigaboss, Arashi tries to coax it out of it's Dark Blast, and nearly succeeds, but is ultimately unsuccessful when Gigaboss forces it to remain in its Dark Blast state. After a final attack from Liger, Demise is shown falling into lava back at the site where it was first excavated.

Zoids: Wild ZERO[]

Death Rex are seen in flashback mentioning the events of the Zoids Crisis. It's not until much later that one appears in person. When the group are investigating Regeneration Cubes, they come across a wild Death Rex in episode 38.