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Delpoi, also referred to as the Central Continent, is a continent on Zi. It is the home of the Helic Republic. Overall, the climate is mild and there is a mountain range that runs from north to south. East of these mountains has a "Wet Season", due to the warm humid climate. The North-West section of the Continent is arid desert, while the South-West is vast wetland. North is mostly tundra and glaciers. Floods occur in four-year cycles.

As the centerpoint for the first tribes of Zi, Delpoi is the main location for the OJR Battle Story. It is where Helic united the tribes and formed the Republic and where Zenebas fought Helic the Second. At one time the Central Continent is split in half between Helic and Zenebas forces. Soon the first Zenebas Empire took much of the land of the Delpoi (see Battle Story) but the Empire ousted after the advancement of the Republics Ultrasaurus. A second invasion was Delpoi was attempted but failed when the Zenebas Empire collapsed. The early Guylos army did invade parts of Delpoi but were pushed back to Nyx. While Delpoi was affected by the meteor shower and magnetic storms of the late OJR story, the land and continent as a whole suffered much less than Nyx. It appeared nearly the same on the NJR maps as it did during the OJR though the shape had indeed changed slightly.

For nearly the whole of the NJR battle story Delpoi is controlled by the Republic.

Aside from being shown on maps from the battle story, Delpoi can be seen Zoids Chaotic Century and Guardian Force. It is unknown if locations seen in other Zoids anime are on Delpoi or not as the maps vary too greatly from the Battle Story's. Many Zoids video games, including Saga and Tactics, have a large continent in or near the middle their maps, with topographical features similar to Delpoi's listed above, but the name Delpoi or Central Continent is not specifically given.

The name Delpoi is based of "Delphi" from ancient Greek mythology.

The Zoids File[]

The below text is sourced from the Chaotic Century Manga, at the end of chapter 01 as part of "The Zoids File"

This is where the two world powers, the Helic Republic and the Zenevas Empire have waged their wars. In the end, the Republic won the wars and united the continent, but in the destruction caused by the meteor, the continent was shattered into three sections. The damage from the meteor devastated the Republic, but its persident has made restoration the Republic's central purpose, and the recovery is proceeding.