The Dinas Empire (ダイナス, Dainasu) is a fictional nation from the Zoids universe, acting as the "Imperial" faction for the Neoblox line.

Virtually nothing has been revealed about the structure or nature of the Empire; its name certainly implies the existence of an emperor, but to date nothing is known of him. What is known is that they are the aggressors in the far-future Neoblox timeframe, and the war depicted by the line was instigated by the Dinas invasion of the Beith Republic. The invasion force is commanded from a mobile fortress.

Their faction insignia, as depicted on the Neoblox packaging, resembles that of the Guylos Empire, but whatever connection the two may have remains unknown.

Dinas ZoidsEdit

The Dinas Empire, like their adversaries the Beith Republic, make use exclusively of Blox Zoids. Their standard combat unit is made up of teams of Raptojaguars, Stegoganzers and Brachioraketes, while their more powerful units include the Groundrago and the devastating G2 Rex. Imperial Zoids are colored mostly in "warm" colors such as reds, pinks, and purples, and utilize a unique standard cockpit which functions as an independent escape pod.

The process of combining Neoblox Zoids into more powerful merged forms appears to have been developed by the Empire despite the attempts of the Republic to outlaw it. The Dinas Zoids of this type are crewed by multiple pilots.

The evidence suggests that the mysterious Rapto Caesar is also a Dinas Zoid.

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