This article is about the Scientist featured in Fuzors, for the Backdraft group's flying-Zoid pilot in Zoids: New Century Zero, see Pierce.

Dr. Wolfgang Pierce is a fictional character from Zoids: Fuzors. He is a supporting character who is not affiliated with either the main protagonists nor the main antagonists, although he does support both of them for most of the series.

Dr. Wolfgang Pierce
Dr Pierce
Appearances Zoids: Fuzors
Debut Zoids: Fuzors Episode 3
Affiliation Himself
Primary Zoids Energy Liger / Gorilla Tron
Japanese Name Dr. Pierce
Voice Actors Takeshi Aono in the Japanese version
Brian Dobson in the English version.


Dr. Pierce is a forefront "Zoidologist" (Zoid scientist) in the Zoids: Fuzors timeline. Initially, he worked under Alpha Richter, developing the "ultimate Zoid", which focused on the battles between the Berserk Fury and Liger Zero, and culminated in the development of the Energy Liger. Alpha, meanwhile, developed the Gairyuki. To this end, he collected large sums of data by working with Mach Storm and the PKB, but in reality never was allied to them, rather he simply manipulated them by putting them into battles which he had arranged. When his Energy Liger (and the Gairyuki) were rejected in favour of the Seismosaurus, he went insane and rebelled against Alpha's forces. When perused by RD, who had been saved multiple times by the Energy Liger, and had thus thought it to be the 'Alpha Zoid,' Dr. Pierce explains that he had always seen RD (or specifically, the Liger Zero) as enemies, and sets about trying to kill him, along with Blake and the Fury-based Gairyuki. Eventually, he is defeated and his Energy Ray Liger (the fuzor of the Energy Liger and Gorilla Tron) destroyed, and while he survives, what happens to him after the battle is unknown.


Dr. Pierce is highly manipulative and uses the vast majority of the cast to further his research. He pours his life into building the ultimate Zoid and the rejection of this Zoid by Alpha eventually drives him mad. His outward facade and his actual motive are totally different, but he is very successful at maintaining the charade, right up until the final confrontation between RD, Blake and the Energy Liger, his motives are not revealed, nor was he ever implicated in any of the plots he had been working on behind the scenes.

Ability as a Zoid Pilot

A genius researcher, and highly respected for his work, Dr. Pierce's ability as a Zoid pilot is not well known. This is because the Energy Liger has such an overwhelming power advantage over everything else (bar RD's Alpha Zoid) that even with menial piloting skills, it is easily able to annihilate virtually all opponents.


Like ever other character, Dr. Pierce has his own unique relationships, but most are one-sided, as he simply uses the rest of the cast, rather than legitimately interact with them.

RD: Dr. Pierce hates RD, while RD looks up to and respects the Doctor. Despite the Energy Liger saving RD's life multiple times, Dr. Pierce eventually tries to kill him, without success.

Dan: Dr. Pierce adopts Dan as an apprentice of sorts, and the two work well together. Like everyone else, however, Dan is abandoned by the Doctor when he goes insane and rebels from Alpha. Dan, however, never learns of the Doctor's manipulating ways, and presumably still respects him at the end of the series.

Alpha Richter: Employed by Alpha to develop the ultimate Zoid, Dr. Pierce loathes Alpha's group for picking the Berserk Fury, rather than the Liger Zero, as a base for their research. He does not participate in the construction of the Gairyuki, and instead, while everyone else is preoccupied with that project, focuses on the Energy Liger. In the end both designs are rejected by Alpha in favour of the Seismosaurus and the Chimera Drones. This causes Dr. Pierce to go insane, and attempt to use the Energy Liger to destroy all of Alpha's minons, but fatefully, decides to start with RD and Blake.


  • Dr. Pierce's research could be the reason behind Alpha occasionally referring to the Gairyuki as "Gairyuki Fury" and Energy Liger as "Energy Liger Zero"- which would make the apparently erroneous name correct, thus setting it apart from some of the other translation errors in the show.
  • Whether he actually built the Energy Liger, or simply controlled it (via the Gorilla Tron), is unknown.
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