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Drei Panther
ZW35-Drei Panther 5.jpg
Panther Type
Imperial Army
Crew 1
Weight 49.8 tons
Depth 8.1 m
Height 4.2 m
Maximum Speed 206 km/h
Weapons Triple-Barreled Silent Gun (2)
Shadow Shield (2)
A-Z Drei Blade (6)
Equipment Z-O Visor
Night-Vision Scope
Horizontal Armor
Stabilize Armor
Shadow Claw (4)
Air Intake
IQ 145

The Drei Panther (ドライパンサー, Dorai Pansā) is a panther-type Zoid, one of over 200 species of biomechanical lifeforms depicted by TOMY's Zoids model, toy, and media franchise.


The Drei Panther is a medium Zoid with an open-air cockpit. Compared to other Zoids in the Zoids: Wild series, it is an M-sized Zoid.

Equipment & Features[]

Z-O Visor
Z-O Visor (Z-Oバイザー)
Night-Vision Scope
Night-Vision Scope (暗視スコープ)
Triple-Barreled Silent Gun
Triple-Barreled Silent Gun (3連サイレントガン)
Shadow Shield
Shadow Shield (シャドウシールド)
A-Z Drei Blade
A-Z Drei Blade (A-Zドライブレード)
Horizontal Armor
Horizontal Armor (ホリゾンタルアーマー)
Stabilize Armor
Stabilize Armor (スタビライズアーマー)
Shadow Claw
Shadow Claw (シャドウクロー)
Air Intake
Air Intake (エアーインテーク)
Tail (尻尾)


The Drei Panther appears in Zoids: Wild ZERO Episode 13.

The Drei Panther is piloted by Victor Spiegel, and is used to great effect. The Zoid is focused on stealth combat, and it makes nearly no sound when moving or attacking. The dark colour scheme makes it hard to spot and it also is invisible to most sensor suites.

Initially used by the Empire, Spiegel eventually defects to the True Empire when it's formed. He is often sent solo deep into enemy territory to attack secret bases or valuable targets.

The Zoid is very effective, while it's defeated on occasion it manages to inflict considerable damage in almost every encounter.

The Zoid suffers a major defeat in episode 27, where it is sent solo to destroy the incapacitated Genospino. The Empire and Republic knew the Genospino would be targeted, so they set up a formidable defensive perimeter. None the less, Drei Panter gets past all of them.

It's only when Baan Blood confronts him using the Gatling Fox, does the Drei Panther lose in a lengthy engagement.