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The Eastern Continent is one of the major locations on Planet Zi.

The Eastern Continent plays a relatively underdeveloped role in Zoids media.

Battle StoryEdit

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The Eastern Continent plays a relatively minor role in the original Battle Story. Humans from Globally III settle there, and form companies such as ZOITEC and Zi-Arms.

Three Tigers Battle StoryEdit

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The Eastern Continent plays a larger role 100 years after the original Battle Story, and features as the primary setting for the Three Tigers Story.


In supporting media, it is mentioned that Zoids: Fuzors is set on the Eastern Continent. This is the only anime to do so. The setting is relatively unexplored in Fuzors, as the majority of events happen in a single location, Blue City.

The Zoids FileEdit

The below text is sourced from the Chaotic Century Manga, at the end of chapter 01 as part of "The Zoids File"

There has been con communication between the Eastern Continent and the other continents, so what kinds of Zoids and people reside there is a mystery.
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