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Eingang as he appears in the original artwork
Appearances Zoids: Full Metal Crash
Debut Zoids: Full Metal Crash
Affiliation Guylos Empire
Primary Zoids Iron Kong
Deadly Kong
Japanese Name エインガング (Eingang)
Voice Actors Unknown

Eingang is a character in the Nintendo GameCube game Zoids: Full Metal Crash. He is one of the major protagonists.


Eingang is a captain of the 53rd Independent force of the Empire. He along with his comrades, Berg Virenskraft and Meer, try to defeat the antagonists Gaitz and Glorie.


Despite that Eingang is shown to be a big and boisterous man, he is shown to protect Berg and Meer at all costs, notably when he risked his life in order for Berg to escape from Glorie's forces.


Original Art[]

Eingang is shown to be big and muscular man with red, long hair, and facial hair in the left and right part of the chin. As shown in the artwork, he does have a white, sleeveless undershirt, and blue pants.

For footwear, Eingang is wearing black boots with a brown rubber plating.

Full Metal Crash Digital Art[]

Ability as a Zoid pilot[]

In the story mode, he initially pilots an Iron Kong. Despite this, Eingang is shown to have skills of piloting Kong-type Zoids. And Eingang is seen piloting some other Zoids as well.

But when Eingang risked his life for allowing Berg to escape Glorie's troops, his Iron Kong is probably destroyed, and Eingang managed to survived. But in the later part of the plot, Berg becomes overjoyed when Eingang returned with a newly acquired Zoid, which turns out to be a Deadly Kong.


Eingang has relationships with the following characters;

Berg: Eingang is shown to have a fatherly relationship with Berg, he does regard him with a great deal of respect. Eingang is shown to risk his life to protect Berg from Glorie's forces.

Meer: Eingang and Meer are in friendly terms. Like Berg, she does think of him as a superior.

Glorie: Like Berg, Eingang is shown to be hostile at Glorie.