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The Eisen Dragoon is an elite force of Zoids pilots featured in the Battle Story. They employ Blitzkrieg tactics with some of the newest, high-potential Zoids of the Empire. Perhaps one of the most notable of these was the Berserk Fury.

While the Eisen Dragoon initially presented themselves as loyal to the Guylos Empire, they were in fact Zenebas loyalists and former soldiers. After Gunther Prozen revealed his true intentions, the Eisen Dragoon worked to further the rise of the Neo Zenebas Empire; both under Prozen's command, and under the leadership of Wolff Muroa, his son.The Eisen Dragoons were a driving force in the coup of the Guylos Empire, infact they played a more vital role than even the Prozen Knights. Fighting as Wolff's most elite unit as the Neo-Zenabas gained power they were deployed in key battles against the main lines of the Helic Republic. After the Neo-Zenebas Empire rose to be the dominant faction on the central continent, the Eisen Dragoons were seen less often. By the debut of the effective Energy Liger, the Eisen Dragoons had vanished from the Battle Story.

The Eisen Dragoon insignia was released with several Zoids models including the Dark Spiner. The unit was seen in the NJR Battle Story and several characters from various Zoids Trading Cards were Eisen Dragoons. They were never seen in Zoids video games though Zoids Tactics made a breif reference to the unit in a segment of Wolff's dialouge.

Zoids Used

Berser Fury and Berserk Fury armed with Storm Unit CP-27

Dark Spiner

Killer Dome

Liger Zero X

Gun Tiger

Dragoon Nest

Elephander (for a short period to protect Wolff)

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