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The Emperor
Appearances Zoids Saga
Debut Zoids Saga
Affiliation Imperial Phantom Knights
Primary Zoids Berserk Fuhrer Z
Japanese Name Koutei
Voice Actors

The Emperor (Koutei in Japanese) is a character of the Zoids Saga video game, he is the main antagonist.


The Emperor was an ambitious person who incited the Empire and Republic. Which he had ordered his Knights to hunt the Arcadian Prince Athle in effort to obtain the secrets of Arcadian Time-space technology to rule the world.

When he was finally defeated by Athle, the castle's Space-Time Transmission Device turned into a black hole and the Emperor fled into it. Blood Keel and his Phantom Knights decide to pursue the Emperor, but although the Phantom Knights are sent to random time periods (near the end of Saga DS), it is not known what happened to the Emperor.


Despite his ambitions, the Emperor is compared to the likes of Prozen, Altail, and Alpha Richter. For some reasons, he uses Zoids as tools for destruction as well, which influenced other Zoids series antagonists. He wears his mask for most of his appearances, only revealing his true face just before his final battle against Athle Arcadia.

The Emperor is also manipulative and charismatic, feigning his concern for inciting both Republic and Empire under his own grasp. He stops at nothing until he gains the upper hand of his obsession to Time-Space Transmissions secrets, most of the time; his knights, under Blood Keel's command. The Emperor appears to hold military power, believing that the only ones can control time deserves the right to rule.

Ability as a Zoid pilot[]

The Emperor's main Zoid is a customized Berserk Fury, while his bodyguards are using Geno Saurers. He appears to be excellent as Vega Obscura.


The Emperor has relationships only with "villain" and one "anti-villain" characters;

Blood: Blood also sees the Emperor as his master, he is also willing to obey his command without question. In the other hand, Blood secretly plots to overthrow him.

Flam: Just like Blood, Flam also obeys him without question.

Gale: While the two don't interact too much, Gale is shown to have a mutual respect and allegiance towards the Emperor.

Opis: The Emperor looks down on Opis, while the two don't interact too much.