Frank Land
Appearances Zoids: Wild ZERO
Debut Episode 6
Affiliation Empire
Primary Zoids Omega Rex
Japanese Name フランク・ランド
Voice Actors 稲葉実


Frank Land is a major character from Zoids: Wild ZERO. He is a prominent researcher for the Empire.

He creates several important pieces of technology, but perhaps most notably is responsible for the revival of the Genospino.

He also shows great interest in the Zi-Forming devices.

While he works for the Empire, he is occasionally seen clashing with the superiors of the Empire. His research goals differ with the immediate goal of the military in defeating the Republic, but groups initially work together.

For a large portion of the series, Frank Land uses the Empire to track down Sally Land and retrieve a pendant she has in her possession. He initially sends Luc on this task, and much later Aldridge as well.

As the series progresses his personality, backstory, and motivation are slowly revealed.

He is the father of Sally Land, although she is oblivious to this thanks to a large age gap forming while she was in deep sleep prior to the start of the series. He also has a metal arm, similar to the one Leo Conrad has. He keeps his arm hidden with a skin-looking cover most of the time.

In the past, back on Planet Zi, it is revealed his is a researcher. He is considered one of the foremost researchers on Zi, along with Walter Borman. However, when on Earth, he is seen to almost perpetually consider himself second-place to the absent Dr Borman.

Others correctly point out that his achievements on Earth are well above Dr Borman, after all Dr Land was solely responsible for reviving the Genospino. But Dr Land knows his research is limited. On Zi, his research was focused on "Destruction", while Borman on "Creation". This also manifested on Earth, with Borman researching the regeneration cubes, while Land researching weapons for the Empire.

But what's not immediately apparent, is that even after the revival of the Genospino, Dr Land strives for more and more powerful Zoids. The Genospino was the best he could do with his research, but it's not the best possible Zoid.

He knew that if he could obtain Dr Borman's research (specifically the pendant left with Sally) he could tap into the regeneration energy that his research could not replicate. This would allow him to access to virtually unlimited energy. His goal was to use this energy for a singular purpose: the Charged Particle Cannon.

On Earth no Zoids are equipped with this devastating weapon, so Dr Land develops it himself.

He eventually retrieves the pendant from Luc, and uses it to activate the Omega Rex, betraying the Empire in the process, and siding with the newly formed "True Empire".

After being exposed to Sally's pendant, Dr Land's Zoid Factor is reawakened, causing his ageing to reverse. He covers this up using bandages, until episode 29, where he takes charge of operating the Omega Rex personally.

After the defeat of the Omega Rex at the hands of Leo Conrad and the Gravity Cannon, Dr Land goes into hiding. The Omega Rex itself survives and heads back to the "True Empire", but Land (along with the pendant unit) are left stranded having washed up onshore. Eventually he is found by Jamminga. Far too weak to oppose them, he merely tells them not to attack. To his surprise, they comply.

His new body, complete with awakened "Zoid Factor" allow him to control the Jamminga. He takes advantage of this for his own agenda, effectively abandoning the "True Empire".

He uses a Gilraptor with the pendant unit, to track down Regeneration Cubes. With his new powers he finds that he can activate the, much like Leo can.

However, as he does so, he finds himself inadvertently interfacing with Electora Gate. He finds himself drunk with power and ceases to simply activate the cubes. Instead, he begins to commandeer them, pushing them to create a purple light.

If enough cubes are activated, the purple light would doom the planet for humanity. This does not faze Dr Land, instead he focuses on what it would achieve: a world for Zoids alone.

As he activates more cubes, he starts to be consumed, eventually appearing with black eyes, and directly speaking as one with Electora.

He finds his way to the Zero Grizis, using its power he can force the activation of all Regeneration Cubes (even the ones already active with the orange light).


Frank Land as he appears for most of the series.


Fank Land after rejuvenation



Ability as a Zoid pilotEdit

As a researcher, Frank Land initially does not pilot a Zoid. He initially seeks Christopher Giller as his preferred pick for a pilot of the Genospino, but is overruled and Aldridge is used instead.

It's not until he's exposed to Sally's pendant that he becomes a significant threat as a pilot.

Reinvigorated, he possesses a similar Zoids Factor to Leo Conrad. This allows him to pilot virtually any Zoid without restraint.

Even without a pilot suit, he is able to use the Omega Rex's Wild Blast many times without backlash.



  • Frank Land's name and appearance were released on the Zoids Twitter feed prior to his debut in the anime, the obvious question of why he has the same surname and eye colour of Sally Land was raised.

Frank Land's metal arm, similar to Leo

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