Frank Land
Appearances Zoids: Wild ZERO
Debut Episode 6
Affiliation Empire
Primary Zoids N/A
Japanese Name フランク・ランド
Voice Actors 稲葉実


Frank Land is a major character from Zoids: Wild ZERO. He is a prominent researcher for the Empire.

He creates several important pieces of technology, but perhaps most notably is responsible for the revival of the Genospino.

He also shows great interest in the Zi-Forming devices.

While he works for the Empire, he is occasionally seen clashing with the superiors of the Empire. His research goals differ with the immediate goal of the military in defeating the Republic, but groups still work together.



Ability as a Zoid pilotEdit

As a researcher, Frank Land does not pilot a Zoid. He initially seeks Christopher Giller as his preferred pick for a pilot of the Genospino, but is overruled and Aldridge is used instead.


  • Frank Land's name and appearance were released on the Zoids Twitter feed prior to his debut in the anime, the obvious question of why he has the same surname and eye colour of Sally Land was raised.
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