Fuma Team
Fuma Team
Negola, Koga, Fuma, Ehga (left to right)
Appearances Zoids: New Century
Debut Episode 10: Desert Tusk - Assault of the Warsharks
Affiliation Backdraft Group
Age N/A
Primary Zoids Warshark
Geno Saurer
Japanese Name Fooma (Hooma) Team
Voice Actors Farell Spence (Fuma), Ron Halder, Scott McNeil, Colin Murdock (English)

Fuma, Ehga, Koga, and Negola are fictional characters from Zoids: New Century. They are the four members of the Fuma Team, with Fuma being the leader and team's namesake.


Fuma, Ehga, Koga and Negola are expert Warshark pilots. In their first appearance, they are employed by Altail as part of the Backdraft Group and are tasked with engaging the Blitz Team in combat and beating them. They would lose, however. They later appeared again under the employ of Dr. Laon, who upgraded their Warsharks' capabilities (dubbing them the Neo Warsharks) and also gave Fuma herself a Hammerhead. They made use of Harry Champ as a bargaining chip when facing the Blitz Team the second time; however, they were once again soundly defeated by them.

The Fuma Team would make their final appearance in the Royal Cup when Altail gave them three Geno Saurers to kill the Berserk Fury and sabotage Sarah, but would be taken out for the last time. What happened to them after that is unknown.


The Fuma Team, much like Major Polta, relied heavily on the cheating principles of the Backdraft Group. They are shown to taunt their opponents. Due to being the leader, Fuma's behaviour is shown the most - when they lost in their second appearance, Fuma is actually shown crying.

Ability as Zoid Pilots

The Fuma Team cheated in battle, so it is not known how well they would do in a legal battle. However, it is implied that The Fuma Team is nothing extraordinary, with Bit Cloud describing Fuma's piloting of her Warshark as "predictable". In their first on-screen meeting with Altail, the team boasted of their ability to predict their opponents' moves almost instantly, but this skill was never shown in use, and the progress of the series suggests this could only be true once they corner their opponents and severely restrict their choices (and that's only a possibility, not a proven fact).

In their initial confrontation with The Blitz Team, their strategy pivoted on psychologically disturbing their opponents - with their tactics including stealth strikes from underground and attacking the Hover Cargo to prevent access - thereby preventing the team from fighting in their normal manner: Bit and Liger Zero were stripped of the ability to change to another CAS, restricting them to the basic Zero Armor (which can't keep up with their Warsharks); Leena Toros became conscious of her firing and took aim once she became unable to reload, as well as overly cautious after very nearly taking a shot to the cockpit, but her style hinges on reckless firing and boldly charging towards her opponents; and Brad Hunter wouldn't move more than necessary for dodging, even though his other battles reveal his favor towards luring and stalking his opponents into an advantageous position before striking. However, once Bit forced his way into the Hover Cargo and Jamie Hemeros distracted Leena and Brad from these hindrances and got them fighting normally again, they made short work of The Fuma Team.

After gaining backing and upgrades (from both Dr. Laon and Altail), The Fuma Team's strategy began to rely on the power of their Zoids and dirty tricks - such as abducting Harry Champ and strapping him to a Hammerhead, hoping to make The Blitz Team hold their attacks - instead of their ability to work their opponents into a frenzy. In their second battle with The Blitz Team, their temporary success stemmed exclusively from Laon's improvements to their Warsharks and a bit of good luck. Their time piloting the Geno Saurers displayed a complete absence of strategy: they marched in and launched their Charged Particle Cannons at the Berserk Fury, with no plan prepared in the event of failure (given that they allowed the Berserk Fury to attack them without doing a thing to stop it).


Fuma, Ehga, Koga and Negola have the following relationships with these people:

Altail: He employed them twice, the first time to take out the Blitz team, and the second time to sabotage Sarah. They respect him as their commander, and obey his every order.

Laon: They worked for him when he was (still) planning revenge against the Blitz Team, having lost to them four times before. He helped them upgrade their Zoids, but they still lose, leading to Laon's fifth defeat at the hands of the Blitz Team.

Blitz Team: They face off against each other two times, but the Fuma team lost both times.

Zoids Legacy Database Entry

The following text pertains to information sourced from the game Zoids Legacy. This game used a translation format that differs from the one used by the Zoids Wiki. It also contains grammatical and typographical errors. As such, any quoted content that appears to be incorrect should be cross-referenced with the game before being edited.

Fuma herself: "Leader of Back Draft, a mercenary group. She receives orders from Alteil to attack the main character."


  • Fuma's name is sometimes written with alternate spellings, such as the one used by Zoids Legacy, which listed her as as "Hooma". This is due to the liberal translation possibilities for the character "Fu".
  • In episode 25, the Fuma Team used three Geno Saurers against the Berserk Fury in the Royal Cup. Fuma piloted one of the Geno Saurers, while the other two pilots were not shown. Thus, the fourth member (who did not pilot a Geno Saurer) is also unknown.
  • All members of the Fuma team are named after famous ninjutsu (ninja) schools. (Koga, Ehga, Fuma(Japanese link), Negola(Japanese link))
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