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G2 Rex
NBZ G2 Rex
Tyrannosaurus Type
Dinas Empire
Crew 2
Weight 68.0 tons
Depth 26.5 m
Height 8.3 m
Maximum Speed 180 km/h (111 mph)
Weapons Super Cannons (2), Hyper Killer fangs, Small bore double barrel Beam gun (2), Long Ganzer cannon (2), Laser rifle/machine gun (2)
Equipment 3d Radar, Blade Antenna

The G2 Rex (G2レックス, G2 Rekkusu) is a Tyrannosaurus-type of Zoid, a race of over 200 biomechanical lifeforms from the fictional Zoids universe.


Upon discovering remains of the legendary Zoid Gojulas, the Dinas Empire constructed the G2 Rex (Gojulas Gun Rex) to take advantage of its obvious power. Formed by integrating the Gojulas with the Raptojaguar and Stegoganzer, G2 Rex is an improvement on its predecessor, doubling the original Gojulas' complement of large-caliber cannons for long-range engagements and vastly increasing its footspeed and maneuverability for close combat. Upon deployment, it proved more than a match for the Bitegriffons that had halted the Imperial march into Beith Republic territory.

Battle Story Appearances[]

Geologist Dr M. Oates recovered the Zoid cores of ancient Gojulases, and the Dinas Empire seized upon the discovery to engineer an enhanced Neoblox-based Zoid based on the remains. The resulting G2 Rex formed the spearhead of the renewed invasion of the Beith Republic and shattered the defending forces, pushing a desperate Republic to manufacture the Valkyrie Caesar against their own rules regarding ancient Zoid technology.



G2 Rex was released in September of 2006 as one of the final Neoblox models to be released. It consists of the Raptojaguar, Stegoganzer and LB Gojulas in a new cohesive color scheme.