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TOMY released 11 waves of one-piece miniature Zoids, called Gachapons (or Gashapons), that were sold in vending machines across Japan. Each Zoid was only about one inch tall and came in a capsule to protect it in the vending process. The Trinity Liger, Geno Hydra, and Quad Liger were also featured in different waves, although none of them actually saw a full model release in any line.

Gachapon MinisEdit

Zoids Collection (Yujin)Edit

Wave 1Edit

  • Gojulas
  • Iron Kong
  • Dibison
  • Saber Tiger
  • Blade Liger
  • Genosaurer
  • Gustav (+ trailers)

Wave 2Edit

  • Mammoth
  • Gordos
  • Geno Breaker
  • Storm Sworder
  • Shield Liger
  • Dimetrodon
  • Dark Horn
  • Redler

Wave 3Edit

  • Death Saurer
  • Death Stinger
  • Salamander
  • Liger Zero
  • Gunbluster
  • Deadborder
  • Hammer Head
  • Wardick

Wave 4Edit

Wave 5Edit

  • Liger Zero Schneider
  • Liger Zero Panzer
  • König Wolf
  • Elephander
  • Red Horn
  • Kingliger
  • Lidier
  • Hel Digunner

Wave 6Edit

Wave 7Edit

Wave 8Edit

  • Gojulas Mk-II Production Type
  • Ironkong Mk-II Production Type
  • Lightning Saix
  • Raynos
  • Zabat (2 types)
  • Shadow Fox
  • Command Wolf + Command Wolf IS
  • Helcat + clear Helcat
  • Zerros (secret)

Wave 9Edit

Wave 10 (reissues)Edit

  • Gojulas
  • Iron Kong
  • Saber Tiger
  • Blade Liger
  • Saber Tiger TS
  • Shield Liger
  • Shield Liger (white)
  • Dimetrodon
  • Geno Breaker
  • Geno Saurer
  • Geno Saurer (Raven's red type)
  • Redler
  • Reddra (red)
  • Storm Sworder
  • Storm Sworder SSS
  • Dark Horn
  • Gustav (white)
  • Gustav MS (+ trailer)
  • Gordos
  • Gordos (white)
  • Dibison
  • Mammoth
  • Blitz Tiger
  • Eaglehead (secret)

Wave 11Edit

Limited EditionEdit

  • Clear Death Stinger
  • Silver Liger Zero
  • Liger Zero (keychain)
  • Liger Zero (WHW prize)
  • Command Wolf AC (WHW prize)
  • Liger Zero X (gold)
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