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This article is about the video game character featured in Zoids Saga, Gale Task. For the Neo-Zenebas Empire Zoid, see Lord Gale.
Gale Task
Gale (behind from the right)
Appearances Zoids Saga
Debut Zoids Saga
Affiliation Imperial Phantom Knights
Age 30[1]
Primary Zoids Sabre Tiger
Geno Breaker / Geno Flame
Matrix Dragon
Rayse Tiger
Japanese Name ゲイル タスク (Geiru Tasuku)
Voice Actors None.

Gale Task is a character of the Zoids Saga series. He is one of the main antagonists.


Gale Task is an ex-Republican, along with the Beast Warrior Jack Spade. Gale is well-known to be an ace pilot that Jack looked up to during his time in the Republic, before Gale joined with Blood, he told Jack that he will be the chosen one to lead the three Beast Warriors in order to protect the Kingdom of Arcadia.


Gale is somewhat described a stoic-type of person, he shows respect to everyone but Opis. And he is shown to battle Jack throughout the game, sometimes he takes defeat after their battle.

Ability as a Zoid Pilot[]

Gale is shown to have a prowess of handling Theropod-type Zoids, piloting a Gojulas early in the game, and a customized Geno Breaker later on, or a blue Geno Flame in Zoids Legacy. His first Zoid is a white Sabre Tiger. In Zoids Saga DS, Gale pilots the newly-developed Bio Liger.


Like all characters, Gale has formed his own relationships;

Jack: Like Athle and Blood, Gale and Jack are also bitter enemies from the start.

The Emperor: While Gale is not seen interacting with the Emperor much, Gale is shown to have respective allegiance with him.

Blood: Gale and Blood are shown to have mutual respect to one another.

Opis: While the two don't interact to each other, Gale does not appear to hold much respect for Opis after all.

Zoids Legacy Database Entry[]

The following text pertains to information sourced from the game Zoids Legacy. This game used a translation format that differs from the one used by the Zoids Wiki. It also contains grammatical and typographical errors. As such, any quoted content that appears to be incorrect should be cross-referenced with the game before being edited.

"Once fought against Athle as one of the Best Four of the Imperial Force. A former Republic warrior. He taught Jack of the Three Beasts."


  • As one of the Four Heavenly Kings, Gale represents the metal (includes wind) element of the Wu Xing. His first Zoid is a white tiger and his name means "a strong wind".


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