This article is about the antagonist from Zoids VS and Zoids: Legacy, Gard Krueger. For the Zoids: Chaotic Century Colonel, see Krueger.

The future... It may await for you but its quite meaningless!

—Gard Krueger

Prince Gard Krueger is one of the characters in Zoids VS, and Zoids: Legacy. In both series, he is the main antagonist.

Gard Krueger
Appearances Zoids VS
Zoids: Legacy
Debut Zoids VS
Affiliation Himself (Terra Geist)
Primary Zoids Death Saurer
Japanese Name ガード クルーガー (Gard Krueger)
Voice Actors Kentarou Itou (Japanese)
Jack Merluzzi (English)


Zoids VSEdit

Gard is the leader of Terra Geist, and is the successor of the fallen leader, Viper. Gard is an ambitious man, wanting to restore Terra Geist to power. He is ultimately left MIA, after confronting both the forces of Blue Unicorn and Rottiger.

Zoids: LegacyEdit

After the Time-Space transmission incidents, Gard returns. He takes interest in the ZOS, and the impact it has on people and their surroundings. Throughout much of the game, he seeks to capture Juno Hera, his plan was to use unstable ZOS to control her and revive the Death Saurer.

His plot is eventually undermined when the combined protagonists rally their respective forces against him. Of particular note is Zeru Jupit, who possesses the only stable ZOS reaction (together with Pulse and the Blitz Tiger). This not only defeated Gard's Death Meteor, but also alleviated the negative ZOS reactions that had been triggered around the planet.


Like most other antagonists, Gard is a highly calculating, ambitious man. Gard is also manipulative, and sees humans as tools. He embraces the highly destructive nature of ZOS, using on both his own troops and captured members of other forces.

Ability as a Zoid pilotEdit

Gard is most often seen piloting powerful Zoids, such as the Death Saurer. As such his actual abilities are difficult to gauge accurately. He is seen overloading these already fearsome Zoids, taking their combat prowess to new heights. One such example is the Death Meteor, combine with Juno and ZOS as a living control system, it is by far the most powerful single opponent in Zoids Legacy.


Gard has the following relationships;

Lezard: Lezard is shown to be a loyal subordinate to Gard. Gard sometimes sends Lezard off to distract Blue Unicorn and Rottiger before he completes his plot.

Leviathe: Gard is shown to be a mentor to Leviathe, he even trained her to be a greater warrior, Leviathe will do anything to protect Gard, including risking her life.

Viper: While Viper tends to look down on Gard, they seem to respect each other more.

Reika: Even though Gard and Reika are not seen interacting with each other, Reika is shown to have a deep feelings with Gard, but when she hears about Gard was missing, she vows to succeed him.

Altile (Zoids: Legacy): Altile and Gard are in friendly terms. Secretly, Altile looks down on Gard.

Zoids Legacy Database EntryEdit

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"Official of Terra Geist, a group that plots to revive Zenebas Empire. Once fought against Zan, he's been missing. He teams up with Back Draft Team after the time-space fusion incidents."
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