Appearances Zoids: Wild
Debut Episode 1
Affiliation Supreme
Primary Zoids Pachycedos
Japanese Name Garlic
Voice Actors Kōtarō Nishiyama

Garlic is a fictional character from Zoids: Wild. He is a member of Team Supreme.


Zoids Wild

Garlic is rides the Pachycedos. He has many scars from past battles.

While Garlic appears in episdoe 1, he is absent for the majority of the series. It's not until episdoe 31 that he gets a major role. Indeed, until that episode, Garlic had never met either Onigiri or Gyoza.

However, Garlic's largest impact to the story begins in episode 37 where he arrives to assist fight against the Four Heavenly Kings. The arrival of himself, Avocado and Kuroame prove to be the tipping point of the battle. They force Truffle to use his trump card. A Death Blast from the Dimepulsar infused with DNA from the Death Rex. It hits all three members of Team Supreme, and causes their Zoids to go rouge.


Garlic has a tendency to be lazy.

Ability as a Zoid pilot

Garlic is a powerful zoids pilot, being able to use his Wild Blast since before the series began.


  • Avocado: Garlic and Avocado are often seen travelling together.


  • Like many characters in Zoids Wild, Garlic's name is based on food.
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