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Georg, as he first appears
Appearances Zoids: Genesis
Debut Episode 12
Affiliation Digald
Age 50
Primary Zoids Bio Tricera
Japanese Name Georg
Voice Actors Kouji Ishii

Georg is a fictional character from Zoids: Genesis. He is one of the major antagonists.


Georg is one of Digald's highest-ranking officers, along with Zairin and Felme. He is first seen attacking the city of Ze Ruft, which, while well-defended, his Bio Tricera is able to conquer in a very short space of time. He is first wounded in battle by Ra Kan, but is healed with technology by the Sky people. Once again, he would attack Ra Kan, but would be defeated by the debut of the Hayate Liger. Presumed dead, it would not be until the final few episodes that Georg would return, as a highly mechanised cyborg, with no visible human parts left but his head. He would be killed later, once again in battle against Ra Kan. As a human, he carried a sleeve over his arm that severed as a gun, shield, and grappling hook.


Georg is a cold and ruthless man. In Ze Ruft, he would not hesitate to kill anyone who defied him, and demanded the highest degree of standards from his men. He was not above killing his own soldiers to complete his mission, and indeed, actually saw it as a just and viable tactic. When he returned in the later part of the series, his personality would be largely the same, but perhaps even more cruel, branding Zairin's men as traitors for simply asking why they had been reassigned.

Ability as a Zoid Pilot[]

Georg is one of the best pilots in Digald's army. While some of his successes could be attributed to the fact that he had a very powerful Zoid, it is unquestionable that he had a great deal of personal skill as well, and was constantly able to defend against even combined assaults from the protagonist's party. When he returned in the latter portion of the series, his Zoid was outfitted with a barrier, an invisible, and practically invulnerable, shield. He would only be killed by a suicidal attack by Ra Kan, who let himself get impaled in order to get inside the barrier and finish off the Tricera (and ironically, this barrier would serve protect Ra Kan from Jiin's assault).


Like ever other character, Georg has his own unique relationships.

Jiin: Georg is the only noteworthy member of Digald's army to never defect. He believes Jiin to be a true God, who was able to bring him back to life, and unquestioningly obeys his commands. That said, he is almost always given autonomous missions, and doesn't actually interact with Jiin very much.

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