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Appearances Zoids: Wild
Debut Episode 1
Affiliation Death Metal
Primary Zoids Death Rex
Japanese Name Gallagher
Voice Actors Tomokazu Seki

Andrew Cownden

Gigaboss (Gallagher in Japanese) is a fictional character from Zoids: Wild. He is the leader of the Dark Metal Empire, rules over the Four Dark Warriors as well as a vast army of Zoids.


Zoids Wild[]

As the leader of the Dark Metal Empire, Gigaboss is the main antagonist in the series.


Gigaboss is an eccentric, but ruthless leader. For the majority of the series, he's seen as an overlord, but is also seen to be asking his subordinates to play menial games or attend parties.

Ability as a Zoid pilot[]

Gigaboss is undoubtedly one of the strongest warriors in the series. Using a Gilraptor he quickly bests the Liger despite not using a Dark Blast.


Gigabosshas his own unique relationships with the following characters:

Quade: Gigaboss and Quade are long-time acquaintances. They both served under the same Master as youths. In doing so, they both became power Zoid Seekers. However, Gigaboss wanted dominating power while Quade was content to enjoy the little things in life, and the two diverged in beliefs. During much of their history, Quade was the superior warrior, this led Gigaboss to seek more and more powerful Zoids. Eventually leading to a climatic confrontation between Quade and Gigaboss in episode 13.

Drake: One of the Four Dark Warriors, Drake is Gigaboss' subordinate. While Drake is tasked with retrieving the Liger, he's often unable to do this because Gigaboss sends conflicting orders, like attending parties.

Malware: One of the Four Dark Warriors. When Malware is defeated by Arashi's Liger, Gigaboss personally mobilises his forces at Caviar's base.


  • Gigaboss is mentioned in episode 1, but isn't seen riding a Zoid until episode 11.
  • Gigaboss singing "Happy Birthday" in episode 19 makes him only the 2nd character in Zoids Anime to have a shown Birthday, after Sweet in Zoids: Fuzors Episode 11.
  • "Gigaboss" is not his original name, in episode 21 it's revealed his name was originally "Marcellus", and he changed it to "Gigaboss" later. (Marcellus is "Mimigar" ミミガー in the Japanese version)

Gigaboss in his youth with Bacon

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