The Globally III is the name of a spaceship that exists in Zoids.


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Globally III from the Zoids Bible

In Battle Story, Globally III is an interstellar spaceship sent from Earth to Planet Zi in the far reaches of the Milky Way Galaxy.

Globally III, as its names suggests, was the third ship in a fleet of colony ships.

The ship is important, as it is what Humans use to reach Zi. Prior to the arrival of Globally III, the only inhabitants of Zi were the Zoids and the Ancient Zoidians.

The arrival of Humans on Zi in ZAC 2029, was a significant turning point in the history of Zi. As Humans were neutral to the politics of Zi, they assimilated into all the various factions of Zi, and the warring nations of the Republic and the Empire both acquired humans.

Humans brought with them advanced technology. Up till this point, while Zoidians had used Zoids as weapons, the equipment was relatively primitive. Humans had substantial knowledge on how to wage war, and quickly used that knowledge to produce guns and armour for Zoids.

This resulted in a colossal arms race, both sides of the war advanced their military might at an extreme pace.

As mentioned in the background story of Z-Knights, the Globally III return to Earth after the first Helic-Zenebas conflict.

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