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TT FMC Glorie
Glorie as he appears in the original artwork
Appearances Zoids: Full Metal Crash
Debut Zoids: Full Metal Crash
Affiliation Guylos Empire / Gaitz
Primary Zoids Geno Saurer
Berserk Fury
Japanese Name グローリ (Glorie)
Voice Actors

Colonel Glorie is a character in the Nintendo Gamecube game Zoids: Full Metal Crash. He is one of the main antagonists.


Glorie is a key antagonist of the game, serving under Gaitz. He actually conspires to rebel Eingang and to defeat the main hero, Berg Virenskraft for Gaitz' personal glory.



Original ArtEdit

Full Metal Crash Digital ArtEdit

Ability as a Zoid pilotEdit

Glorie initially starts out a Geno Saurer, which he uses this to fight Berg and Co., and some parts of the story and the "Zi-Fighter Tournaments", he has Buster Fury at his disposal.

Unlike Schnell, Glorie is actually proven to be a terrible pilot, and catches his guard down by Berg.


Glorie has his own relationships with the following characters:

Berg: Glorie and Berg are in terms of hostility, he even makes Berg become more angry by attacking his partner, Meer. Berg defeated Glorie after Schnell betrays Gaitz and Glorie.

Eingang: Like Berg, Glorie is hostile towards Eingang and distrusts him.

Gaitz: Gaitz is the only person Glorie is loyal toward.

Schnell: Schnell looks down at Glorie, despite this, they are in respective terms. Later, Glorie becomes angry with Schnell as he betrays him and Gaitz.

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