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OJR Gorem
Gorilla Type
Zenebas Empire
Crew 1
Weight 12.0 tons
Depth 3.8 m
Height 4.0 m
Maximum Speed 175 km/h
Weapons Power Hand (2)[1], Hyper Gatling 40mm Cannon[2]
Equipment Smoke Discharger (6)[3]

The Gorem (ゴーレム) is a Gorilla-type Zoid, a race of biomechanical lifeforms from the fictional Zoids universe. It is one of the few 1/24 scale line of Zoids.


Battle Story Appearances[]

Media Appearances[]


24-Scale Zoids[]

The model shares Iron Kong's conception system: the mechanisms are the same, the armor is placed the same way, and it has a shoulder-mounted gun much like that of the Iron Kong. However, the two models still have their differences (unlike the Iron Kong and Deadly Kong, which share several sprues). The Gorem happens to be a little taller than the Iron Kong. The pilot can be seated inside the cockpit, or can be placed standing on a platform at the back of the Zoid.


Zevle Golgola

The kit was released in Japan in 1992, as a Zevle named Golgola, almost identical to the original except for the color scheme. The pilot had to be painted and built.

Panzer Tier[]


  • Gorem and Golgola were released in 2000 as 1/72 Scale Zoids, like Battlerover. The Gorem was released with the Yujin issue of Command Zoids, but the Golgola is rarer.



  1. パワーハンド×2
  2. 40mmハイパーガトリング砲
  3. スモークディスチャーチャー×6